June 08, 1992 12:00 PM


As Mark Harmon’s on-again, off-again love interest on NBC’s Reasonable Doubts, Nancy Everhard has the enviable job of crawling between the sheets with a guy this magazine in 1986 declared the Sexiest Man Alive. Everhard, 34, who plays Kay Lockman on the show, isn’t so sure. “His love scenes are the worst!” she says with a laugh. “He’s like a kid, always playing practical jokes. He accuses me of being a Method actress because I’ll be lying there preparing to do the love scene, and he crawls into bed at the last minute. One lime, he had this huge [sex toy] that he just whacked me with, and the whole crew broke up. He won’t let it get serious, which is good. But it’s like being in junior high school.”


Now that Chris, the Saint Bernard who plays Beethoven (in the movie of the same name), has gotten a woof of stardom, he has changed from a lovable old pooch to a conniving cur—if YOU believe Charles Grodin, his costar. “He’s the most ambitious dog I’ve ever worked with,” grouses Grodin, 57. “He would only do network interviews. He refused to do any local spots. I heard he’s left CAA and formed his own company. He’s surrounded himself with so many people it’s hard to get to him. He’s going to get so much money for the sequel I don’t know what will be left for me. What does Eddie Murphy or [Sylvester] Stallone get? That’s the kind of money we’re talking about.”


“When I was younger, I felt everyone at 60 should be shot,” says Ringo Starr, who at 51 has changed his mind—and a few of his habits. “I’m asleep by 12:30, but I’m up between 7 and 9 o’clock, which is a complete turnaround.” Stan; whose new album is called Time Takes Time, still listens to the Beatles’ music. “It’s very primitive compared with today’s, but it holds up,” he says. “It blows me away. It’s so good. It was 60 percent the writing of Lennon-McCartney, and the rest was the band. Rock and roll will never die. Four guys can just start it up again. Nirvana [the three-man band] is not Chuck Berry, but it is rock and roll.”

90210 CALLING…

Beverly Hills, 90210 cast members receive sack after sack of fan mail. Some reply more personally than others. “I always grab a handful of letters and read them,” says Ian Ziering, 28, who plays Steve on the popular Fox show. “If there’s a phone number, I call.” The reaction, Ziering says, generally goes like this: ” ‘Who is this? You’re not really you! Are you you?’ They just don’t believe it’s me until I read them their own letter and I say, ‘You gave me your phone number, and I’m just calling to say thank you.’ The conversations are usually short because they don’t know what to say. I’ll initiate some conversation, asking, “What do you like about the show?’ or ‘What’s school like for you?’ It’s fun. Mostly because I like freaking people out.”

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