March 23, 1992 12:00 PM


The Tonight Show host-in-waiting, Jay Leno, still visits his old teachers at Andover (Mass.) High School, his alma mater, but he doesn’t preach to the students. “When I was a kid, I’d be really annoyed when celebrities would come to my school and say, ‘Yeah, I did drugs and alcohol and drove Ferraris, but now I’ve learned that all that stuff is bad for you, so don’t do it.’ And I always felt like, ‘But you already had it! I want my turn, then I’ll say it’s bad for me too!’ ” Leno, 41, who says he never took a spin in the fast lane, has turned down megabucks to endorse beer and cigarettes. “I only do commercials for Doritos,” says Leno. “And that’s not dangerous, unless you eat your body weight in one sitting.”


Singer Jody Watley is big on live concerts. “I like the idea of people being really close together and being hot and sweaty,” says Watley, 33, who hits the road later this spring on a worldwide tour promoting her third album, Affairs of the Heart. “I’ve had men throw their underwear onstage. Mainly black underwear. It’s so weird when that happens. My first instinct is not to touch them when I see them laying at my feet. But I did pick up a pair once with my fingernails. I dropped them really quick because they felt really heavy.”


“It’s a nice likeness, but what the hell would I do with it?” says hockey hall-of-famer Stan Mikita, explaining why he turned down the offer to keep the giant statue of himself that sits atop Wayne and Garth’s favorite hangout, Stan Mikita’s Donuts, in the hit movie Wayne’s World. Mikita, 51, the former Chicago Blackhawk star who now represents plastics manufacturers from an office in Oak Park, Ill., appears briefly in the movie but says of his acting debut, “Don’t blink, or you’ll miss me.” (Mikita is in the movie because star Mike Myers is a major Mikita fan.) So what happened to his oversize double? It sat on a back lot at Paramount’s Los Angeles studio until hockey buff Richard Dean Anderson happened by. The MacGyver star knew a valuable art object when he saw one; Mikita’s likeness now stands guard at the end of Anderson’s Pacific Palisades driveway.


As part of her five-year contract with Matrix Essentials, a beauty products company, which last month sponsored the first annual Evert Cup tennis tournament in Indian Wells, Calif., Chris Evert had a complete makeover. “They took one look at my hair and chopped off the ponytail,” reports Evert, 37, who says she likes her sassy new ‘do but that husband Andy Mill isn’t so sure. “He just loved my ponytail,” says Evert. “He told me he’s going to have trouble getting used to it. He has to; he has no choice. His hair is longer now than mine, so he can grow a ponytail.” As for the other main male in her life, son Alex, now 5 months old and nearly 19 lbs., Evert says, “People ask us if he’s going to be a skier or a tennis player. I just look forward to him sitting up.”

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