September 02, 1991 12:00 PM


“I’m not 18 anymore—fortunately,” says Monaco’s Princess Stephanie, 26, onetime royal wild child. Stephanie now claims that she has found a new inner peace through pop music, as exemplified by her latest, eponymous album, her first in which she sings all the songs in English. “I have different values and priorities in my life now,” she says. “First of all, my self-respect is the most important value I have. I had less of it during my younger days, of course, but I think it’s important to have gone through that stage too. If you don’t have fun when you’re 18 or 19, when are you going to do it? Not when you’re 50. Now I’m working, and that’s my new way of having fun.” She says she bridles at her image in the press. “It gets me mad when people say I’m irresponsible and a flake and a rebel. I’m nothing of a rebel—I’m a very nice person. These people don’t know me. If you don’t know people, you shouldn’t talk about them, instead of talking bull——-. Now if people talk about me, at least they have a reason, and that’s my music.” The most outrageous rumor she has ever heard about herself? “A couple of years ago, I read that I was a devil worshiper with [former boyfriend] Ron Bloom,” Stephanie says, laughing. “I mean, that takes a lot of imagination.”


Michael J. Fox, who will never be confused with Marlon Brando—on any count—doesn’t mind being perceived as an artistic lightweight. “Usually I am submitted light comedies, something commercial and accessible,” says Fox, 30, now starring in the comedy Doc Hollywood. “I have no problem with that—I enjoy doing it. It’s the studio’s money, so you can’t tell me I should be making Das Boot every time. I find myself leaning more toward light comedy now because I have a 2-year-old [son Sam]. I don’t really want to come home every day thinking about the Vietnamese girl who was raped, murdered and thrown off the bridge [as occurs in Casualties of War, in which Fox starred in 1989]. It makes it tough to play with my son. I don’t have aspirations to change the world, just to make a nice, simple movie.”


What’s going on with fashion model—turned-actress Iman, 35, and singer David Bowie? Despite persistent rumors that the two are engaged, Iman says it just isn’t so. “We haven’t set a date; I’ll tell you when we do,” says Iman, who stars as a con artist in House Party II, due in October. As for spending more time acting these days than walking runways, she says, “It’s a change that I needed. I mean there are only so many dresses you can wear and make it exciting. A dress is a dress, for God’s sake.” What does she miss most about modeling? “The money,” says Iman, who used to command at least $5,000 per day as a model in the early 1980s. “A girl needs her jewelry, honey. It’s that comfort I miss. Models make a ridiculous amount of money.”

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