By J.D. Podolsky
July 22, 1991 12:00 PM


Leslie Nielsen, back as bumbling Lt. Frank Drebin in Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear, says the subject of Elvis Presley never really came up between him and his costar, Elvis’s ex-wife, Priscilla Presley. “It’s not really something I would ask her about, like was Elvis really with all those girls, or questions about the drugs, because it would be much too painful for her,” says Nielsen, 65. “Although at one point, we did hear some guitar playing in the rafters and wondered what that might be. Personally, I believe Elvis is now a comparison shopper last seen in Portland, Oregon.”


Laraine Newman, the former Saturday Night Live star who is now in Problem Child 2, says she is going to position the baby’s father, actor Chad Einbinder, very carefully in the delivery room when she has her first baby next month. “I’ve heard that if men see the baby coming out from between the mother’s legs, they’ll never look at her the same. They’ll always look at her as a mother,” says Newman, 39, who lives with Einbinder. “But if they are looking from over her shoulder, they can still think of you as a lover. I don’t know if this old wives’ tale is true, but I’m gonna make sure Chad is looking over my shoulder.”


Without a doubt, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld is the coolest designer around. “I started to use fans in the early ’70s,” says Lagerfeld, 52, who is rarely seen in public without one of his trademark folding fans. “I went out a lot, and I don’t drink or smoke, and the fans prevented me from suffocating at parties in Europe, where everyone drinks and smokes and where there’s no air-conditioning. And also, you can avoid bad photos—it’s a very helpful thing.”

  • How come Ellen Burstyn agreed to play Julia Roberts‘s mother in the new movie Dying Young, even though her character has only two scenes and appears in a frumpy bathrobe and hair curlers? “It was too much fun to turn down. I never gel to play the part of a ditz,” says Burstyn, 58. “Just the other night, I went to see the movie at a local theater, and at the end, the credits were rolling, and I heard a woman up front ask her husband real loudly and in total amazement, ‘That was Ellen Burstyn?!?!’ I was thrilled.”