By Peter Castro
October 14, 1991 12:00 PM


CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather doesn’t get to the root of the question when discussing recent rumors about his abruptly dark hair. “Rumors like that go with the territory,” says Rather, who wouldn’t say whether he colors his hair, hut who does dish about his good-ol’-boy upbringing in an as-told-to autobiography titled I Remember. “I don’t think the’ audience is concerned with [whether I dye my hair]. They want to know what the news is. Those who write about us seem to be much more interested in those questions than the audience is. And in the end, it doesn’t matter. At one time or another, you will find that such stories are spread about Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw or Ted Koppel.” And who would Rather want to be portrayed by if he sells the movie rights? “I’d love Humphrey Bogart to play the part,” says Rather, “but he’s not available.”


Gabrielle Carteris, who plays token intellectual Andrea Zuckerman on hotter-than-hot Beverly Hills, 90210, say’s an occasional onscreen smooch with Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) or any of the Fox show’s other studs isn’t enough to jeopardize her real-life romance with stockbroker Charlie Issacs. “Whenever I have to kiss someone such as Jason Priestley,” says Carteris, 30, “I usually introduce my boyfriend to the one I’m doing the love scene with. Then I have fun. I go for it.” And that’s not just lip service either.


In Barton Fink, the latest film by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, actor Michael Lerner plays a powerful movie-studio boss. Lerner, 50, says the role is a stretch from his own humble origins. “I used to work at a deli in Manhattan,” says Lerner. “It was great! The place had sandwiches called the Zero Mostel, the Milton Berle and the Red Buttons. I kept making Milton Berles instead of Zero Mostels, so I got fired.” Based on his time behind the counter, Lerner advises prospective deli customers: “Don’t ever order a deli omelet. There’s a Yiddish word, schmutz, which refers to the end pieces of all the deli meats, the garbage. The schmutz is usually all put into a tray and ends up in the omelets, where it’s disguised. Be careful of the corned beef hash too.”


Any men wishing to date legendary comic Carol Burnett better bone up on their 1940s trivia. “The problem I have is finding somebody who can remember who Betty Grable is,” says Burnett, 58, whose new CBS variety show debuts in November. “Usually the guys that I would go out with are either too set in their ways or they’re younger. You say, ‘Hey, remember that Betty Grable movie when she…’ They say. ‘Betty who?’ It’s finding that right combination of a Prince Charming who is independent, believes in a woman being true to herself, has a great sense of humor and looks a little like Kevin Costner. If you could find me that man. that would be great.”