June 17, 1991 12:00 PM


When Nolan Miller found out he would be dressing reverse fashion plate Whoopi Goldberg for her role as a top soap-opera writer in the new movie Soapdish, he remembers thinking, “God, what did I do in another life to deserve this?” But when Whoopi and Miller, 56, met, she told him, “I know nothing about clothes. Can you please dress me?” Did he ever. In the movie Goldberg wears crisp business suits with above-the-knee skirts at the office and a knockout beaded evening dress at an awards show. Miller, who also designed the black sequined chiffon gown that Goldberg wore to the Oscars last March, says, “This film, I think, has changed her life. Her hairdresser told me, ‘She’s putting her hair up now and wearing a bra. Honey, she’s crazy for you.’ ”


Hudson Hawk’s Sandra Bernhard is out of sorts with Outweek, a gay magazine that has derided her in print for hedging on questions about her sexuality and for claiming to date men. “I’m happy about people having insight into my sexuality. I just don’t think it’s necessary to have strangers tell me what I desire at any particular moment of the day,” says Bernhard, 36, who is on record as being bisexual. “If I happen to want to be with men, I humbly apologize, but that’s just a good possibility. I totally support the gay community, but I’m not going to deny my desires. [“Outing”] is extremist, and any kind of extremism is not good. I guess they did it to me because they turned me into some kind of hero, and they felt like I let them down by saying something that was contrary to what they needed to hear to feel really secure.”


“It is my real name,” insists CNN military-affairs correspondent Wolf Blitzer, who is featured in CNN: War in the Gulf, a recently published book. “My maternal grandfather’s name was Wolf, and my parents named me after him. It was not made up for this war, I can assure you.” Did he mind all the joking about his name? “I liked it. I sort of kept a list of the jokes. I never thought that Jay Leno and Johnny Carson would be fighting to see who was going to get me as their guest on The Tonight Show.” (Johnny won.) And how has life changed for Blitzer since the war ended? “Senior officials return my calls much quicker now.”


To actor Daniel Stern, being a cowboy comes down to being a blockhead. “Before I made this movie, I never knew how stupid cows were,” says Stern, 34, who plays one of a trio of urban guys who join a cattle roundup in the new Billy Crystal comedy, City Slickers. “The whole romance of being a cowboy is absurd because basically what you do is block cows. I mean, a cow wants to go this way, and you put your horse in front of him, and the cow is afraid of the horse, so it runs back the other way. And that’s what you do for 500 miles across Colorado is block cows because they’re too stupid to go around you.” Coming next week: What cowboys think of actors…

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