By Peter Castro
March 18, 1991 12:00 PM


“I don’t care what anybody says. No matter how successful you are, no matter how beautiful, being insecure is a fact of life, especially for women,” says ELIZABETH PERKINS, 30, explaining why the journalist she plays in the new movie He Said, She Said sometimes succumbs to self-doubt. “There’s so much pressure. To see the Playboy models and to think that’s actually attainable—well, it’s not. Those photos are completely retouched. True, there are women who look great, but that [Playboy ideal] is what American women are pressured into achieving. So being insecure is a natural for most females.”


Add guitar wizard CHET ATKINS to the list of victims of rock-and-roll repression. Atkins, whose recent collaborative album with Dire Straits guitarist MARK KNOPFLER is titled Neck and Neck, says he gets vetoed every time he tries to keep up with younger guitarists by watching MTV. “I like EDDIE VAN HALEN,” says Atkins, 66. “I think he’s impressive. But I don’t watch MTV a lot because I don’t control the TV in my house. My wife does. We take a vote, and I lose. She loves boxing. But it could be worse. What if she watched sitcoms or soaps?” His advice to younger guitarists? “I always tell them to save their neckties because they’ll come back in style. That’s true, you know.”