September 17, 1990 12:00 PM


TOM LANDRY, the stoic ex-coach of the Dallas Cowboys, now says he opposed the football team’s bouncy corps of cheerleaders. ” ‘That was [former head Cowboy TEX SCHRAMM’S] way of saying we’re in the entertainment business,” says Landry, 66, who was fired last year after 29 seasons with the Cowboys and who has since written an eponymous autobiography. “I wouldn’t agree, because I’m a Christian and I wasn’t too sure that was the right image to create. [One of] the biggest problems facing our kids is sexual permissiveness. Anything that increases sexual desire is not good for our young people so I oppose [the cheerleaders], but that’s me personally, and I never talked to Tex about it.” Will he coach again? “Right now I have no desire to,” he says. “I really don’t miss it.”


While CARRIE FISHER’S book Postcards from the Edge may be a roman à clef of sorts about her own drug use and hard times in Hollywood, Carrie’s mom, DEBBIE REYNOLDS, wants it known that Postcards’ tempestuous showbiz mother is not based on her. “It really isn’t me,” says Reynolds, 58, about the Doris Mann character, who is portrayed by SHIRLEY MACLAINE in the just-released film. “In our house, we never really had verbal battles, and in this movie there are an awful lot of them. [Director] MIKE NICHOLS wanted a lot of powerful scenes of confrontation between the mother and the daughter. How much fun would it be to shoot a movie just showing Carrie in her room in isolation?”


“Apart from the fact that I have fake [breasts]?” says Australian cover girl ELLE MACPHERSON, 25, with a laugh when asked about false rumors she has heard about herself. “Almost everything I’ve heard about myself [is outrageous]. I’ve heard I’m a lesbian, I got married again, and I’m really a transvestite.” Macpherson, who has a cameo in the forthcoming WOODY ALLEN film, Alice, adds, “I heard I’m having an affair with CHARLIE SHEEN—I’ve never met him. Someone was photographed with him, but they [the paparazzi] thought it was me, and some poor girl is probably furious because she wanted the press.”


Last month Pretty Woman became the highest-grossing film in Disney’s history, pulling in nearly $170 million at the box office. The movie’s director, GARRY MARSHALL, 55, says a sequel is being written and he may direct it, especially if JLLIA ROBERTS and RICHARD GERE star again. As for PW’s No. 1 ranking at Disney, Marshall jokes, “Walt Disney is saying somewhere in his grave, ‘Pinocchio, no…a nice duck, no, it has to be a hooker as my highest-grossing picture.’ ”


KEN OBER, who despite starring in NBC’s new Parenthood comedy is single and doesn’t have children, says if he ever does become a father, “I definitely won’t believe the first thing out of my child’s mouth.” Ober, 31, better known as host of MTV’s Remote Control, says, “I mean, I pulled a lot off on my parents. When I was 14, I broke this huge piece of glass in our living room when I was fooling around with a golf ball and a hockey stick. And then, ingeniously, I went outside, took the pieces of glass that had fallen outside and put them inside along with the ball and said, ‘I was sitting there watching The Flying Nun, and out of nowhere a golf ball smashed through the living room. ‘And they believed me! And I just two years ago admitted it to my mother, who then put a lien on my bank account.”

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