By Peter Castro
May 07, 1990 12:00 PM


Twin Peaks punk DANA ASHBROOK, who plays the incorrigible Bobby Briggs on ABC’s hot new series, is grappling with the consequences of television’s most tantalizing whodunit plot since J.R. was blasted on Dallas 10 years ago. “Everyone wants to know, everyone,” says Ashbrook, 22, referring to the murder of Laura Palmer, the local teen queen. “I mean my mom and dad call and say, ‘We gotta know who did it! We gotta know!’ I can’t tell them, and they get kind of peeved at me, but what can I do? I know who did it, but I’m not telling them, no way. My dad’s a talker, and he’d probably spill the beans to his class [he is a drama teacher].” Ashbrook confesses, however, to putting his girlfriend in the know. “I have to live with her and sleep in the same bed with her, and if I didn’t tell her, I’d be out the door.”


When HUGH HEFNER’S wife, KIMBERLY CONRAD, 26, delivered their first child, son MARSTON GLENN, on April 9, Playboy’s founder paced the waiting-room floor. “Kimberly didn’t want me in the delivery room, “says Hef, 64, who has two grown children, DAVID, 35, and CHRISTIE, 37, from his previous marriage. “And I didn’t really want to be there. She just felt it was a time of embarrassment. She’s a very private person, [Witnessing the delivery] is not a mental image that I want to carry with me—I’m a very romantic guy. The support that I supplied was emotional.” Does Hefner think his new family-man image will hurt business? “Quite the contrary,” Hefner says. “America loves a redeemed sinner.”


Director JONATHAN (Married to the Mob) DEMME, 46, has learned that staying on top in Hollywood means eventually producing the goods. Demme traded in his director’s hat, temporarily, for that of producer on the new ALEC BALDWIN thriller, Miami Blues, which was directed by GEORGE ARMITAGE. “It made me appreciate what a producer does,” said Demme at a recent Women in Film panel discussion in New York City. “In your own way you’re working very hard for the movie, and then you have to cross your fingers that the people out there are actually doing a great job of it. It’s like a mechanic who’s working feverishly in the pit stop, but then you watch the car drive away and the real race begins, and you’re left back in the pit.”


When Corky Sherwood (played by FAITH FORD) gets married on the May 21 episode of CBS’s Murphy Brown, the groom’s mom will be played by FRANCES BERGEN. She’s the real-life mom of CANDICE BERGEN, who plays the sitcoms title character. Did Mrs. Bergen ever worry, when her daughter waited until she was 34 to wed director LOUIS MALLE, that she herself would never be the mother of the bride? “Yes,” she says. “I couldn’t understand it at all. Not that Candice didn’t have opportunities—they were lined up—but here she had been this golden girl, so to speak, blessed with great looks, humor and intelligence, and it just didn’t make any sense that she was still single in her early 30s. She was apologizing to me for not being married because she felt I was being greatly disappointed. She’d say, ‘Mom, I just haven’t met Mr. Right,’ and I told her, ‘Please, just don’t wait as long as your father [ventriloquist EDGAR BERGEN, who married Frances when he was 42].’ ”