April 30, 1990 12:00 PM


Actress JENNY LUMET has an answer ready for those who believe nepotism is what got her cast in “Q & A,” the new TIM HUTTONNICK NOLTE film directed by her father, SIDNEY LUMET. “First of all, I think nepotism is great,” says Jenny, 23, who adds she landed the role after extensive readings for her father and the producers. “Second I of all, f—-them. I’m not too worried about what other people think. I think that in one of the truly nastiest industries, anything to get a leg up is a good idea. Why is it that in show business, there’s so much more of a stigma? I mean, aren’t there bakers who bake for generations and lawyers who are lawyers for generations, and aren’t there grocers who are whoever and sons? Without [nepotism], would we have had JANE FONDA, LAURA DERN or MATTHEW BRODER-ICK? I mean, if I’m bad, I’ll find out.”


When As the World Turns’s EILEEN FULTON recently divorced her third husband, landscape architect RICK MCMORROW, she realized that life imitates art. “I had logo to divorce court just like they do on soaps,” says Fulton, 56, who next month celebrates her 30th year on the CBS daytime serial, during which time her character, Lisa, has been married six times. “A judge came out in a long robe, a bailiff shouted, ‘Order, order,’ and I took the stand wearing my black divorce suit with a diamond pin just like they do on soap operas. I tell you, life is getting more like a soap every day. “As for marrying again, she says, “I won’t get married so quickly in the future [she married McMorrow, 45, only three months after dating him]. If I get committed to one person, I think I’m going to have to be committed to some institution.”


BRONSON PINCHOT, who struggles with English as Balki on ABC’s Perfect Strangers, is now struggling to make sense of the English translations of his part in a Russian play, Zoya’s Apartment, opening on Broadway next month. “The interpreter’s interpretations are more on the impressionistic side,” says Pin-chot, 30. “The director reads a line in Russian, and the translator translates it for us. For example, my character suggests going out for lobsters. The next line asks whether there’s enough time. Then the interpreter translates my next line as, ‘We have as much time as there is room in a boxcar,’ which I guess means we have oodles of time, but you can’t say that in English-it sounds silly.” How are rehearsals going? “I’m laughing a lot and I’m worried a lot.”


“She’s the ultimate woman,” says Whitesnake’s lead singer, DAVID COVERDALE, about his wife, actress TAWNY [Bachelor Party] KITAEN, right. Coverdale, who’s currently on tour promoting his platinum album, Slip of the Tongue, says, “She is a sex goddess and yes, she is my whore, and she’s been an inspiration. But marriage is something you’ve still got to work at. Maintaining our marriage isn’t easy. You’ve got the worst of every possible evil, the rock and movie businesses. I’m not smug enough to consider that my wife won’t see anyone else—you never know. But it’s wonderful to have this contentment. We’re all looking for love, and I’ve found that partner.”


Actor ADRIAN PASDAR hung out with med students while researching his part as a student sawbones in the new medical comedy-drama Vital Signs. “Part of what sustains these guys is the humor they find in their work,” says Pasdar, 25. “When I told this one student that I wanted to bring my friend [and co-star] JACK GWALTNEY to the local morgue for research purposes, the student said, ‘Let’s play a trick on him; let’s set up a fake corpse. I know someone who’ll pose and lay on the slab.’ So I told Jack to come down, and we were met there by the student, who told us a new corpse had just come in. We pulled out her drawer, and the student pulls back the sheet and says to Jack, ‘Go ahead and touch her, she’s still warm. ‘So Jack put his hand on her belly, and she sat up and said, ‘Ouch!’ and Jack went through the roof. He’s still not quite over it.”

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