By Peter Castro
August 07, 1989 12:00 PM



PIGGING OUT FOR TWO: Actress PERRI LISTER, rocker BILLY IDOL’S live-in girlfriend, concedes that it was worth the weight when the couple had baby WILLEM WOLFE BROAD (Broad is Idol’s real name) a year ago. “It took me eight months to get my body back,” says the now fit Lister, who co-stars with JON VOIGHT in the forthcoming film Eternity. “I put on 56 lbs., only 8 of which was baby. I thought being pregnant was a gateway to food and ate myself to oblivion. But it’s a great deal getting a flabby body for a baby.” She says, “Billy’s a really good daddy. The baby falls asleep on his shoulder, while Billy softly sings him one of his less violent tunes.”

IVANA STAY PUT: Real estate giant DONALD TRUMP’s wife, IVANA, is, in her own fashion, counting pennies. While her society sorority sisters fly to Paris each year to replenish their closets with the latest designer creations, Mrs. Trump is staying home. She told Women’s Wear Daily, “They [the designers] will come to me. They [will] stay in our hotels and have a great time.” The bottom line? “I could buy five more dresses for the $100,000 it costs me to bring my plane to Paris.”


For pate’s sake, TELLY SAVALAS wants it understood he’s bald for good. “I don’t think I’ll ever grow my hair back,” says Savalas, who returns as Theo Kojak this fall in regularly scheduled Kojak TV movies on ABC. “I think it’s too late for that. That’s the image. If I let my hair grow back, I don’t think I’d work again. People would say, ‘Who the hell is that?’ I welcome not having hair. I have to shave my head every morning, but it’s not a drag at all—it’s just a little more face to shave.”

A HARD CELL: Former Diff’rent Strokes child star TODD BRIDGES, now 24, has been in a Los Angeles jail since February, charged with shooting another man in an L.A. crack house. “I was a drug zombie. The only thing I knew how to do was drugs,” says Bridges, during a jail house interview. As for his current residence, he says, “I sleep a lot to keep from going crazy. The monotony of this place drives you insane. Do you know how hard it is to be in here and see a McDonald’s commercial on TV and see a Big Mac? My mouth just waters.” Bridges, who has pleaded not guilty, has a hearing set for Aug. 4. “I’m going to fight this case and win. But if I get time, I’ll do it. That’s life.”

SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH: Rock-and-roll child brides may be the burning issue in the new mo vie Great Balls of Fire!, but at least one 13-year-old didn’t spend hours dreaming of marrying a performer. “When I was 13, I never fantasized about marrying a rock star, “said actress ALLY (Maid to Order) SHEEDY, now 27, after seeing Great Balls. “I fantasized about marrying one particular writer, even though he was much too old for me: TENNESSEE WILLIAMS. Of course, by now I realize that marriage probably wouldn’t have worked out for a lot of reasons, but I thought he would at least understand me.”