July 31, 1989 12:00 PM



BUSS STOP: Saturday Night Live regular VICTORIA JACKSON says of her kissing scene with WEIRD AL YANKOVIC in their new movie, UHF, “We practiced for hours the night before. I loved every minute of it. Al’s a great kisser.” Which is more than shell say of the men she kissed and didn’t miss in her earlier movies. “A lot of male actors think it’s a turn-on to show their tongue, and it grosses me out as an actress. I don’t know who’s spreading the myth among these guys that it’s sexy to do that. I just push it back out when they try that, and they get the hint.” Asked if she ever gets tired of playing the dumb blond, Jackson says, “I thought of a really clever answer for when people ask, ‘How does it feel to always play the ditz?,’ but I forgot it.”

MALE BONDING: Playing supercool villains throughout his career has left ROBERT DAVI prone to dangerous ad-libs. “I was in a Laundromat once,” says Davi, who is 007’s latest foe, Sanchez, in the film Licence to Kill, “and all of a sudden these three guys come in with stockings over their heads and guns. One of them told me, ‘Turn around, blood.’ And I said, ‘Hey, Halloween’s over.’ I mean, I actually said this. And then I heard the click of the gun, and I think had I not done some films and been used to guns in these situations, I may have wet my pants. I just knocked over a chair and got a little temperamental, and the thieves started looking a little pale and finally took off.”

DELAYED REACTION: After nearly 20 years in show business as a musical performer and, since 1982, as DAVID LETTER-MAN’S sidekick, PAUL SHAFFER has recorded his own album, Coast to Coast. “I loved making this record,” says Shaffer. “Secretly, it has always been my ambition to be a recording artist. I was just too cool to admit it.” Guest artists on Paul’s record include CAROLE KING, BRIAN WILSON, WILSON PICKETT and Shaffer’s own Late Night bandmates, but no Dave. If he could have talked Letterman into doing a song with the show’s band, what would have been appropriate? “Probably ‘Whipping Post,’ ” says Shaffer.

WELCOME BACK,STRASSMAN: Following 10 years of relative obscurity after playing the teacher’s wife in the 70s TV sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, MARCIA STRASSMAN has emerged as the honey in the new hit movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. “I hate the word comeback, “she says, “It makes me feel like ROSE MARIE or somebody. This is just a brand-new career. “And where would the Kotters and the Sweathogs be today? “I think they’d be divorced and Vinnie Barbarino [JOHN TRAVOLTA] would probably be a hairdresser.”

MATCH POINTERS: Wimbledon champ STEFFI GRAF’s consistent way of teaching her opponents a lesson on the court has not gone unnoticed. Graf told the West German newspaper Bild that during a visit at Wimbledon, PRINCESS DIANA asked her to give an hour’s lesson sometime to PRINCE WILLIAM. “Princess Di told me he is absolutely mad about tennis,” said Graf. “Of course, I shall treat him more gently than I did MARTINA NAVRATILOVA.”

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