October 02, 1989 12:00 PM




Now that CBS has canceled Kate & Allie after its five-year run, JANE CURTIN had time to play an eight-performance stint this past week off-Broadway opposite EDWARD (Lost Boys) HERRMANN in A.R. GURNEY’s play Love Letters. As for her own amatory epistles, she says, “I’m not big on correspondence—I’ve never been good at it. I always found letter writing to be tedious. Besides,” adds Curtin, who has been married since 1975 to producer PATRICK LYNCH, “I didn’t have that many boyfriends, and the ones I had used the phone.”


Singer DONNY OSMOND, who has toughened up his image of late, gets praise from the Beastie Boys, whose new LP is Paul’s Boutique. “The ‘D’man is cool, “says MIKE DIAMOND, who should know, since he’s a “D” man himself (Diamond is better known by his Beastie Boy moniker, MIKE D). “We’re hanging out with him on a daily basis. I’m telling you, Donny is a well-rounded, popular young man, “says Diamond, adding hyperbolically, “Sometimes you hear something that transcends you. Listening to his [Donny Osmond’s] new album was one of those times.”


Appearing in big brother SPIKE LEE’s films, including Do the Right Thing, has made sister JOIE LEE sensitive about nepotism. “I keep a low profile on the set,” says Lee, 26. “I know people expect me to act a certain powerful way because he’s my brother. We respect each other and understand our roles, but sometimes I may want to do a scene differently. Then hell say, ‘Just do it,’ and I have to humble myself.” Which wasn’t always the case. “As a kid, he was bossy and we fought a lot, but the older we become, the better we get along.”


Love and Rockets may be the name of a popular rock band, but it’s also a topic science fiction writer ISAAC ASIMOV enjoys discussing. “On a spaceship, there is zero gravity so [during sex] there’s no sensation of up or down,” Asimov said recently at a party for the New York Is Book Country book fair. “Each person can imagine he’s on the top or bottom. It’s like lying in bed with your eyes closed. You don’t know whether you’re facing the door or the window. There are no bedclothes to get in the way and there’s no pressure through weight, so you can assume positions that are difficult in real life.”


Actor JON CRYER, who plays novice showbiz agent Teddy Zakalokis in the new CBS comedy The Famous Teddy Z, says he’d make a terrible agent in real life. “Besides having a soul, I have a conscience,” says Cryer, adding playfully, “Agents are all named Marty, have toothy grins, hair implants and pictures of semi-has-beens on the walls. Their taste in furniture echoes the Caesars Palace style.” There are worse places to be, though, than in an agent’s office. “I was just asked to be on Circus of the Stars and get shot out of a cannon,” says Cryer, “which is the dumbest offer I ever received. Generally, I try to keep my proximity to huge firearms at a minimum—especially when I’m in them.”

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