July 03, 1989 12:00 PM




SUB STANDARD: Now that CHRIS ELLIOTT, the cameo clown of Late Night with David Letterman, and his father, BOB ELLIOTT, of Bob and Ray, have written the tongue-in-cheek memoir Daddy’s Boy, the younger Elliott claims he is pondering a TV show based on their celebrity offspring tell-all satire. “I would consider a show, but I wouldn’t let my dad be involved in it,” says Chris. “I would want to play him and then maybe get RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN or RICK SCHROEDER to play me, but only if he changes his name back to Ricky.” That’s not the only TV project he envisions. “ANGELA LANSBURY and I would work well together. The show would be one of those two-man submarine shows where we’re in this tiny space, miles under the sea, looking for adventure and lost kingdoms. There would be that magical rapport, like ANDY GRIFFITH and DON KNOTTS had.”

FEAST OF BURDEN: While shooting his new Vietnam film, Casualties of War, in the jungles of Thailand, director BRIAN DE PALMA discovered his hotel room was bugged. “There was one hotel I stayed at which I called the zoo hotel,” says De Palma, whose war drama stars MICHAEL J. FOX and SEAN PENN and will open in August. “It was in the jungle, on the river, and there were things crawling around that place that would be eaten by bigger things as the night went on—sort of like the food chain. You heard things screaming and dying in the night, but you didn’t really know where they were. By the end of the night, it sounded like two crocodiles were wrestling with each other on the hotel’s roof.”

DRIVING AMBITION: Miami Vice may have expired, but that hasn’t dimmed SAUNDRA SANTIAGO’S parents’ enthusiasm for her career. When Vice’s sultry star embarks on a 12-city tour with the musical Evita this month (in the title role), her devoted folks, frequent visitors to the Vice set, will be right there with her. “They have this big huge Cadillac,” says Santiago. “It’s taupe colored—the color that all old people have. They’re going to follow me from city to city and see my opening night in every one. I would have a contract that agreed to fly my parents along with me while I’m on tour, but I think you have to be ELVIS to make those kinds of demands.”

A RING OF TRUTH: Former First Lady NANCY REAGAN has some helpful advice for BARBARA BUSH and other future first ladies. “Have a sense of humor,” Reagan said at a recent symposium on White House memoirs at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. “Don’t pay any attention to those who say you shouldn’t say what you think about your husband. And never, ever wear a ring on your right hand. A little old lady will come down that [receiving] line and squeeze. It hurts so much that it almost brings you to your knees.”

SWEET SPOT: By strongly challenging STEFFI GRAF during the semifinals of the recent French Open, MONICA SELES marked herself as a player to watch at this week’s Wimbledon tennis tournament. Seles, 15, says the carefully maintained clay courts found at the French Open and the grass courts at Wimbledon are a big improvement over those on which she learned in her native Yugoslavia. “My dad, my friends and I would go to parking lots to play,” says Seles, who currently is ranked No. 14 on the women’s circuit. “He would hang a string up as a net and draw lines with chalk. He’s a cartoonist and would also draw Tom and Jerry on the court to make it fun for me while I played. Sometimes, now, when I’m playing high-pressure matches, I wish I were back at that parking lot.”

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