February 06, 1989 12:00 PM




INTRUDE AWAKENING: “I don’t think it was the kind of spotlight that anyone enjoys,” says ex-First Daughter MAUREEN REAGAN about her last eight years of media attention. “In fact, it’s intrusive. You can’t do anything without it being a major event. What’s interesting is that President [GEORGE] BUSH feels there is entirely too much scrutiny already. I’m just smiling because he has yet to know what intrusion truly is.”

SEXUAL MATURITY: At 42, SUSAN SARANDON has become perhaps even more of a sexy box-office draw than she was when she was younger. “I don’t know what makes someone sexual or sensual,” says the Bull Durham star, who vamps her way through her new film, The January Man. “And I don’t understand why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I’m surprised they’re still letting me do it now. They’ll take it away from me soon enough.”

HARD DRIVING: Actress CANDICE BERGEN says that since she started playing an aggressive anchor-woman on Murphy Brown, her new CBS sitcom, she has been putting the pedal to the metal, and her husband, director LOUIS (Au Revoir les Enfants; MALLE, right, has taken to grumbling. Although Bergen certainly spends more time behind her desk than behind a wheel on the show, she says, “My husband says my role has had an effect on my driving.” Malle recently has taken to holding on tight to the door handle and pressing at imaginary brakes on the passenger side. “I insist Eve always driven that way, but he says, ‘What’s happened to you? You’re driving like a commando. This character is really taking you over.’ ”

A DREAM TO WORK WITH: For now, actor-turned-director KEITH (Back to School) GORDON is quite happy male-sing smaller artistic films. “Would I like to make a really successful blockbuster one day?” asks Gordon, whose new film is called The Chocolate War. “Sure I would, but only on my terms. I would never do something I didn’t believe in, but talk to me when I’m 50 and have three kids in college. I’m 27 and, boy, is it easy to be obnoxiously idealistic. But you do it for 30 years, and your second wife is suing you for the house, and I could understand how doing Police Academy 27 for a million dollars becomes an attractive offer.”

MATRI-MONEY: She’s still famously single, but BROOKE SHIELDS knows what she is looking for in a mate. “My future husband will have to have a really good sense of humor,” says Brooke, now 23. What else? “He’s got to have money. I wouldn’t want to feel that I’m supporting my husband. Mutual dependence is essential in a relationship.”

ONCE BRITAIN, TWICE SHY: Satirical songster FRANK ZAPPA, after his most recent world tour, says England is his least favorite country. “In terms of the friendliness, I would give England low marks. Yes, they have this image of being very warm people, but that’s because of all those movies where people are throwing darts and hoisting Guin-nesses all over the place,” says Zappa, whose latest album is Broadway the Hard Way. “I don’t like going to pubs or watching dart matches, and Guinness to me tastes like carbonated molasses.”

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