June 19, 1989 12:00 PM




BIND AMBITION: Model JERRY HALL, long the girlfriend but never the wife Of MICK JAGGER, seems still to be pining for marriage. “In the time that Mick and I have been together, a couple of [my] sisters have been married and divorced—twice,” Hall told London’s Daily Express. While waiting for Mick to become more marriage-minded, Hall recently launched a swimsuit line and had a small part in the new Batman movie. ‘The Joker throws acid over my face, and I end up horribly disfigured, “said Hall, “which is a pity because it means I can’t be in Batman II.”

BETTER OFF RED: Disintegration maybe the name of the Cure’s new album, but lead singer ROBERT SMITH’S use of lipstick is fully integrated into his regular life. “I don’t look like I do because I’m in the group, I look like I do and I’m in the group,” he says. “When shopping, I’d still wear lipstick and my hair up. My face is very featureless, and I feel that if I didn’t wear it, no one would know where my mouth is. My wife, MARY, prefers me in lipstick, only she makes sure I get the one that she likes the taste of.”

FRIENDLY ADVICE: She may reign supreme as the goddess of domestic cleanliness in her syndicated newspaper column, “Hints from Heloise,” but HELOISE CRUISE says that in real life she doesn’t conduct white-glove tests when visiting her buddies. “I don’t go around telling people how to make their lives better. I try not to offer unsolicited advice to my friends,” says Cruise, whose latest book is titled All New Hints from Heloise. “Otherwise, who the heck would want me around? But putting the shoe on the other foot, I know that if anyone used me too often, it could weigh on our friendship. So I allow each friend two ‘Heloise calls’ a year. After that, it costs them—say, lunch.”

CURTIN CALL: During a recent commencement speech at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, Kate & Allie’s JANE CURTIN (who attended nearby Northeastern) predicted that the graduates would later remember little of their education. “Einstein lost everything but 9 percent, Da Vinci, 8.5 percent,” claimed Curtin, who added that grads shouldn’t give up hope. “Even if you retain 8 percent of a language, that will still get you a meal and a toilet in France.”

INCITE UNSEEN: In Do the Right Thing, SPIKE LEE’S new film, a minor racial incident quickly escalates into a police riot and tragedy. The director-star says those who accuse him of condoning and perhaps inciting violence miss the point, that of the dangerous consequences of racism. “By their own jaded perceptions of MALCOLM X and what he represented, people have leaped on me, saying I’m a Malcolm X clone and this film is a cry for violence, but it’s not,” says Lee, who also made She’s Gotta Have It and School Daze. “I made this one to provoke thought, not for black kids to go crazy. I don’t think I’m a militant filmmaker. That word is used anytime a black man has strong ideals, whereas an outspoken white person is merely ‘eccentric’ ”

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