By Peter Castro
May 29, 1989 12:00 PM




NO MORE TEEN IDYLL: With his song “Soldier of Love” climbing the Top 10 list and a new album out, neorocker DONNY OSMOND is trying hard to break the bubble-gum image stuck on him since the early ’70s. “There was never a doubt I would do a rock album,” says Osmond, now 31. “In fact, in the middle of the Donny and Marie show [on TV from 1976 to 1979], I decided I was heading in a musical direction I didn’t want to be in. Songs like ‘I’m Leaving It All Up To You’ were fine, but it wasn’t really where my musical love was.” Of his adult look, he adds: “This ‘rougher’ image is just me growing up. The public last saw me a decade ago—I have to chuckle at people who say, ‘Look, he’s wearing jeans and leather,” because what were they wearing 10 years ago?”

MODEL PRISONERS: Actress JOAN (Wiseguy) SEVERANCE, 30, headed for Europe as a fashion model when she was a teenager. “It was very scary leaving home and going to [France],” says Severance, now in the film See No Evil, Hear No Evil (page 15). “don’t recommend young girls do that unescorted. Frenchmen love young and naive girls, and if you ‘re not smart, you can really get screwed up fast. I saw it happen to a lot of girls. Someone says, ‘Oh, let’s go away for the weekend just as friends,’ and you end up running out of the window because a guy is chasing you.”

DALY NEWS: Cagney & Lacey’s TYNE DALY, now blooming as Mama Rose in a stage tour of the musical Gypsy, has an answer for anyone wondering why she would play stripper Gypsy Rose Lee’s domineering mom: “Actors don’t have the luxury of a’no.’ The main answer for an actor is, ‘Yes, I’ll come.’ That’s how you get chances. It’s dumb to sit home waiting for the fat movie.” As for her new role, she says jokingly, “I want people to know that I’m not frightening the paying customers. I do not take my clothes off in this show!”

SOAP BE IT: Actor JEFF CONAWAY, best known for his role as struggling actor Bobby Wheeler on Taxi, started playing Mick Savage this month on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful. While he says he has worked steadily since leaving the sitcom in 1981, Conaway readily admits he hasn’t made as big a splash as Tax; stars DANNY DEVITO, CHRISTOPHER LLOYD and TONY DANZA. “I think it’s great the others have been as successful as they’ve been, and I feel lucky to have kept working,” says Conaway, although he adds, ‘There are plenty of people in the business where you think, ‘I don’t understand.’ This isn’t anything against Tony [Danza, star of ABC’s Who’s the Boss? and the movie She’s Out of Control], but at times I’ve said, ‘I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.’ The guy was a boxer, and I’ve busted my brains acting since I was 10.”

BROW BEA-TING: The Duchess of York’s father, MAJ. RONALD FERGUSON, offers this highbrow assessment of FERGIE’s s first child, 9-month-old PRINCESS BEATRICE: “She’s a great little girl. She’s got all her mother’s vitality, and she’s a pretty little girl whose hair is unquestionably red. Luckily for her, though, she doesn’t have my eyebrows. I don’t mind them on me, but they’d be all wrong on a little girl.”