September 19, 1988 12:00 PM

DÉJÀ VIEW: Harrison Ford admits he’s no looker. “I have this funny thing that happens to me,” Ford told London’s Mail on Sunday magazine. “When I see famous people on the street, I turn away so as not to embarrass them by staring. But sometimes it’s someone I know, only I’ve forgotten I know them—I think I’m only imagining I know them because they’re famous. Jack Nicholson has been a friend for 15 years, but every time I see him, my instinct is to turn away, to preserve his privacy. I have to remind myself that I can’t do that; I do know Jack and I’ve got to say hi.”

WORLD AFFAIRS: Rue McClanahan, who plays Blanche, the Golden Girl with the blue past, says the producers first wanted Betty White for the Blanche part and Rue for Rose, the sweetly stupid character that Betty now plays. “By the grace of God, director Jay Sandrich asked us to consider reading for each other’s parts after we had auditioned. I guess they figured I had already played the ditz with Bea [Arthur] on Maude, and Betty had done the sexpot [Sue Anne Nivens] on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Now, on the brink of Golden Girls’ fourth season, Betty says Blanche’s sexual escapades make Sue Anne seem positively wholesome. “Sue Anne Nivens was the neighborhood nymphomaniac,” says Betty, “but I don’t even know what to call Blanche. She’s gone so far past neighborhood nymphomaniac, she’s now Nymphomaniac Internationale.”

MOONSTRUCK: Dance master Jeffrey Daniels choreographed Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video last year, but, more importantly, he says he taught music’s most celebrated space cadet how to moonwalk in 1980. So he’s miffed that Michael didn’t credit him in Moonwalk, the singer’s recent autobiography. “It would’ve been nice if Michael had mentioned me in his book,” says Daniels. “That would’ve meant more than the money he paid me to work with him. But my motto in everything is ‘shut up and dance.’ Besides, the moonwalk is just one move. I’ve got a whole solar system left in me.” Daniels hasn’t collaborated with Jackson lately, but just last month Michael’s sister LaToya had him choreograph her “You’re Gonna Get Rocked” video.

AGE LESS: Lainie Kazan, the once-svelte singer who now specializes in playing overbearing matriarchs, says she wants a rest from the “old Jewish mother roles” she has been playing steadily in recent years. “I think the die was cast when I played the mother in My Favorite Year, after playing an old woman in One from the Heart,” says Lainie, who was recently nominated for an Emmy as Howie Mandel’s mother in NBC’s St. Elsewhere and will play Bette Midler’s mom in the forthcoming film Beaches. In real life, the 45-year-old Kazan, who is only three years older than Bette, recently dropped 35 lbs. to land roles closer to her age. But what about playing 20-year-olds? “That’s a stretch. Let’s not be ridiculous. Maybe if they put my face in wax or put me on a very big stage.”

FLIRTY DANCING: Martin Kove, who plays the swaggering Detective Isbecki on CBS’ Cagney & Lacey, pulls no punches when discussing his celebrity. “People always try to pick a fight with me,” says Kove, “but I don’t get hassled as much as Sylvester Stallone. When we did Rambo II together [Kove played a minor character, Ericson], we ran into trouble. We’d go to a disco, and some girl would ask him to dance, and he’d politely decline. Next thing you knew, her boyfriend would barrel over and say, ‘What’s the matter? She’s not good enough for you?’ Or, if Sly dances with her, then the boyfriend picks a fight because he thinks we’re stealing her away from him. It’s a no-win situation.”

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