July 04, 1988 12:00 PM

HALO AGAIN: Jaclyn Smith, one of the heavenly three original Charlie’s Angels, hopes no one will confuse producer Aaron Spelling’s new series, Angels ’88, with the seminal jiggle show in which she starred. “This show is not a spin-off,” says Jaclyn about the planned series, slated to air on the Fox network this fall. “It’s about four girls who are not at all reminiscent of any of us. If the name Charlie’s Angels helps, fine. And if Aaron Spelling’s involved, it could be wonderful. Still, there’s no Charlie character, and these girls are naive—we were hotshots.”

PLANT NEW SEEDS: Since Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980, lead singer Robert Plant has made four solo albums and just finished shooting a Coke commercial that includes footage from his rock video, Tall Cool One. Not content to rehash Zeppelin’s song on the rock revival circuit, Plant is touring to promote his latest album, Now and Zen. “It’s not a good idea to go trolling around the world rehashing old songs. It was the greatest band, but it just isn’t the greatest band now,” says Plant. “For the first time in my career, I have to work my butt off, and the challenge is phenomenal because—if I was a member of Led Zeppelin—I could just walk onstage and I’d be a hero again. Here, I’m a working man.” With Tall Cool One getting heavy MTV play, the 39-year-old Plant has some advice for other mature rockers on making successful videos. “Make sure the lights are perfect, put plenty of gauze over the lens so the years aren’t quite as evident, and get on with it.”

LONG DAYTIME’S JOURNEY: Until this year, As the World Turns matriarch Eileen Fulton, who has played Lisa Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchel (that’s six marriages) on the show for 28 years, had never been nominated for a daytime Emmy. Tired of being overlooked in the leading lady category every year, she devised a plan. “All the actors get to choose the category they’d like to be in, and I wasn’t going to put myself down for anything,” says Eileen, “but I was told I had to choose something, and that’s when I got smart. I thought I was never going to win anyway, so I chose ‘aging ingenue,’ which of course isn’t a real category. They didn’t allow that, so I put myself in for supporting actress and finally got nominated.” And how will she react if she wins at the June 29 ceremony? “I don’t know. I just hope my strapless dress stays up.”

A COLONEL OF TRUTH: After serving as rock and roll sovereign Elvis Presley’s manager for 21 years, Col. Tom Parker generously volunteered to share some of his legendary wisdom with Michael Jackson’s manager, Frank Dileo, shortly after Dileo acquired the job in 1984. “Parker warned me not to manage anyone else when you have an act as large as Elvis or Michael,” says Dileo. “He told me to keep the riffraff away, which I try to do, and to make sure the record company treats him well, which I think they do.” But the Colonel wasn’t finished. “Then he wanted to send me a consulting bill for his advice,” Dileo says laughing. “That’s the Colonel.”

NO MORE SPECIAL DELIVERIES: Although his incarnation as Saturday Night Live’s Church Lady on NBC has been a career blessing, comedian Dana Carvey does not seek eternal life as that bossy pursed-lip character. “I’m glad people like the Church Lady,” says Carvey, “but I just don’t want to be at a county fair 20 years from now with the weight hanging off saying, in a drunken stupor, ‘Well, isn’t that special.’ ” What he does want is to have children, but his wife, Paula, is not so sure the world needs a little Dana Jr. Says Carvey: “Her attitude is, ‘Honey, let’s stop the damage here, now.’ ”

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