ICE VICE: Susan Sullivan likes a man with an ardor for his larder. The unmarried Falcon Crest star admits that on a visit to a date’s home she’s not above sneaking a peek into his refrigerator. “You can really tell a lot about the nurturing aspect of somebody from the amount of food they’ve got stocked,” she says. Turning the tables, Susan adds, “If a man went over to a single woman’s house, he’d be smart to check her fridge too. Single women are out of practice when it comes to cooking and entertaining.” Food for thought.

ROLL ON, COLUMBIA: Accepting his award as best actor for Roxanne at a Los Angeles Film Critics luncheon, Steve Martin remarked upon the many managements that ran Columbia Pictures while he was making Roxanne for the studio. “I want to thank Guy McElwaine, the president of Columbia who gave the project the go,” he said, “Steve Sohmer, the next president of Columbia, who oversaw the casting phase, David Puttnam, the next president of Columbia, who was behind us all the way. And Dawn Steel, the now president of Columbia, who supervised the release on cassettes.” Martin then told the audience: “I just hope each of you will be as supportive when you’re president of Columbia.”

NOT BERRY REVEALING: Little Richard, who recounted his own life in the rousing Life and Times of Little Richard in 1984, says he read Chuck Berry’s recent memoir and found nothing to yell good golly about. “I feel my book is more real than Chuck Berry’s book,” he says. “Chuck don’t tell everything. He should have talked more about being in prison. [In the book, Berry does write about his three incarcerations.] In my book I told it all. I went from the living room to the kitchen and went up in the attic and then swept my basement. I would tell him to clean up his house and take those skeletons out of the closet. He’s a sweet person and I love him, but he’s got to use the broom a little more.”

CAGNEY IS RACY: Perhaps it’s Martin Kove’s sexist dogma as fellow cop Victor Isbecki that prevents him from conquering the precincts of policewoman Chris Cagney’s heart on Cagney & Lacey. Nevertheless Kove wants the show’s writers to stop copping out and create an affair between his character and Cagney (played by Sharon Gless). “I’ve pitched it many times,” says Kove. “Why not have an affair? Christine sleeps with everyone else, why not Victor?” C’mon, Martin, give it arrest.

FULL OF HOT AEROBICS: Pia Zadora, once the bite-size bonbon of B-movies and now a well-reviewed concert performer who also is in the forthcoming Hairspray, is in a huff over exercise videos. “It’s so commercial. Everybody does it,” she says. Don’t expect her to star in one anytime soon. “I don’t need the money,” she explains. “It kind of takes away from your prestige when you come out with all that junk. You know I had enough trouble getting the credibility I have now—and besides, where does it really lie creatively?” Go for the slow burn, Jane.

HEAVY METAL DETECTOR: White-snake’s charmer and lead singer, David Coverdale, makes a baggage claim few can match. When he’s touring with his platinum-selling hard rock band, Coverdale says his suitcases always end up missing. The vagrant valises have him musing. “I wonder who actually winds up with them and what they’re going to do with my stage clothes,” he says. “After all, you can’t exactly wander around an office or go to dinner, much less sit down, in metal studded, crotch-conscious leather pants.”

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