August 03, 1987 12:00 PM

PANTING FOR HER: Just because Madonna prances around onstage in a bustier doesn’t mean she wants her fans to flaunt their unmentionables. When a guy in the front row at her Miami concert threw his underwear onstage, he caught hell from the Material Girl. “Stop throwing your drawers up here,” she griped. After the reprimand, someone else hurled a sealed condom, more to the singer’s liking. “Yeah,” said Madonna, holding it up to the crowd, “practice safe sex.” But keep your pants on, wouldja?

SOMEONE’S IN THE KITCHEN WITH DI: Yes, now, thanks to a new French cookbook called Lady Di Chez Elle, Les recettes d’une princesse (Lady Di at Home, The recipes of a princess), you too can cook the way Princess Diana would if she really had to. Author Marie-Pierre Carretier, a correspondent for French Elle magazine, says Di enjoys browsing through cookbooks, but she generally confines her gastronomic role to menu planning and lets palace professionals handle the pots and pans. The book contains the favorite recipes of Diana and other royal family members gathered by Yvonne Whitaker, the wife of James Whitaker, intrepid royal-watcher for London’s Daily Mirror. There’s the Queen Mum’s favorite date bread and Charles’s brandied plum dessert. Then there’s the one that Di loves and makes herself: Borscht Diana. It calls for: one pound beets; four cups water; one chicken bouillon cube;½ tablespoon powdered sugar; juice of one lemon and one tablespoon light cream. And here’s how: Peel and grate the beets. Dissolve the bouillon cube in the water by bringing to a boil. Add the beets; lower the heat and cook for 15 minutes more. Add the lemon and sugar. Strain and serve very hot, topped with light cream. Serves four to six titled guests.

COMIC STRIP: Bawdy Phyllis Diller, it seems, is getting prudish in her older age. At the Queen of Face-lifts’ 70th-birthday party in New York City, pal Pia Zadora, who didn’t show, sent over a male stripper (dressed as a policeman) to sing Happy Birthday. “Leave it to Pia,” complained Phyllis, who appeared genuinely appalled. “There’s a limit to how far I go, and this is way past my limit.” When the gyrating well-wisher had sung and stripped down to a scant bikini, he told Diller he had a G-string underneath and asked if he should take off more. “No, thanks,” said Phyllis. “You’re a nerd.” That out of the way, the sassy septuagenarian, who has tried just about every form of plastic surgery, said she plans to continue the fight against time. “It’s never too late for a few nips and tucks,” she explained. “Besides, over the years I’ve been supporting my doctors. They all have boat payments to make.”

HART-BEAT OF AMERICA? In the 11 weeks since he dropped out of the presidential race, Gary Hart has remained publicly silent—at least in the U.S. During a recent visit to Spain, however, the former candidate was interviewed by the national weekly ¡Hola! Although he talked more about politics than scandal, he briefly addressed that subject and its implications for his future. Asked by the reporter, “How do you intend to continue to be an influential person?” Hart replied, “I doubt if I can. I shall write and speak, and perhaps people will listen…I don’t know.”

FASHION STATEMENT: Don’t think for a minute that major league designers know it all. Not long after the Washington Post’s award-winning fashion editor, Nina Hyde, invited her good pal Ralph Lauren to a dinner in Washington at the newly reopened Occidental Restaurant, she received an unexpected call from him. Asked the Seventh Avenue deity: “What should I wear?”

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