October 05, 1987 12:00 PM

HOT SOUP: Pee-wee Herman is getting flak for his loony persona, as seen in his Saturday morning CBS show, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, from a surprising naysayer, Soupy Sales. Sales, who used to act pretty loony on his own show back in the ’60s, was asked by the Boston Globe if Pee-wee had stolen a lot of ideas from him. “Yes, but those things happen, and that’s fine and dandy. But you don’t want your kid to grow up like Pee-wee Herman,” said Sales. “That’s no inspiration for a kid—to walk and dress like that. I’m sorry. That’s weird time.” And this from a man who once told children watching his show to go to their parents’ wallets and mail him “those little green pieces of paper.”

PHOTO FINISH: Tom Selleck was busy backstage at the Emmy Awards defending himself for not having invited the press to his recent wedding to actress Jillie Mack. “When you’re in the public eye, it’s hard to have a private life,” lamented the actor. Asked whether he and his bride were planning to have children, Selleck cracked, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you know in time so that everyone can photograph the conception.”

CALL HER AN EGGHEAD: Some get out of the Hollywood scene, and then there’s Rachel Ward, who’s gotten out of the Northern Hemisphere. The blueblood British star of Against All Odds now spends most of her time in Australia with her husband of four years, Bryan (F/X) Brown, whom she met when they co-starred in The Thorn Birds. When not on location, the couple and their two young daughters live north of Sydney in a tin-roofed farmhouse in Bowraville. “Yes, mate, I’ve gone bush,” she told London’s Sunday Express Magazine. Although she continues to act, Ward insists that farm livin’ is the life for her. “We’ve got cattle and chickens, and I milk the cow. I don’t like to be away too long because of the chickens,” she said. “They lay at the wrong time.” Which scrambles everyone’s schedule.

MAKING THE GRADE: That was no lady standing on a chair in the wings at the free Bruce Hornsby and the Range concert in Hampton, Va.—that was Hornsby’s mother. Hornsby, who’s from nearby Williamsburg, sang his Way It Is hit and told the crowd of 40,000 that Mom started him on his performing career by buying him a Vox guitar “so I could play make-out parties in seventh grade. Great, until I realized all the action was offstage.” His mother just tut-tutted, “That boy….”

NEVER ON SUNDAY: In Miami, Dade County Judge Federico Moreno was issuing an arrest warrant for a driver who had zipped around town despite a suspended license and then failed to appear for his hearing, a criminal misdemeanor. The accused? Mark Super Duper, the Miami Dolphin wide receiver (who was just Duper before he had the Super legally affixed). The courtroom “oohed” at the mention of his name. “I said, ‘I don’t care who he is, it’s the law,’ ” Moreno told the Miami Herald. But then the judge wrote on the warrant, “Do not arrest on Sundays.” Guess with the players out on strike, he wouldn’t have been so Miami nice.

PAST FORGETTING: James Taylor admits to being a tad worried about what ex-wife Carly Simon might say regarding him and their nine-year marriage in the memoirs she is busily writing (and that Jackie Onassis will edit), but he’s being philosophical about it. “You really can’t control anyone else,” he says, “especially someone whom you’re divorced from and someone [with] whom you have relatively little contact.” Would Taylor, whose heroin and alcohol problems have already been documented, like to write his own book? “I write songs,” he says. “The lurid dirt is the only stuff that’s even remotely interesting, and I can’t remember much of that.”

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