By Tim Allis
June 22, 1987 12:00 PM

A REAL STRETCH: No one can fault Vanna White for failing to capitalize on her quickie fame as the world’s foremost letter-turner. There have been posters, personal appearances and her current best-seller, Vanna Speaks. But now she really speaks! White, who rarely utters a syllable—or consonant or vowel for that matter—has just released a fitness video titled Get Slim/ Stay Slim. “It’s not a Jane Fonda type of thing,” she says. “It’s about changing your eating habits, eating good, eating nutritiously.” And there’s more: “Forty-five minutes of me talking!” says Vanna. “People are going to hear me talk. They’ll be in shock.”

BIG WHEELS: It doesn’t take a cold day in hell to get movie stars to use public transportation, just a cold day in New York. Dustin Hoffman recalls a freezer last January when he and Warren Beatty, walking out of an Ishtar editing session, couldn’t find a taxi. “Our noses are falling off,” remembers Hoffman, who, as a struggling actor, relied on mass transit regularly. “Suddenly I see a bus coming. ‘Come on,’ I say, ‘let’s jump on the bus.’ And Warren says, looking at me funny, ‘Really?’ I say, ‘Yeah, why not?’ So we run for the bus, and Warren says uneasily, ‘How much is it?’ Well, as a matter of fact, I didn’t know. Not because I’m a superstar and don’t take buses. I don’t take buses because I jog everywhere in New York.” They got on. “Warren was looking all around like a man in a foreign country,” says Hoffman. “We’re bouncing over the potholes, and Warren is sitting there grinning like a kid in Disneyland. He’s happy! ‘I haven’t been on a bus in 25 years,’ he says. ‘I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so happy.’ He got off at 60th Street, laughing, and shouted back at me, ‘I wanna do this again! We gotta do this again!’ ” Boys, remember to give your limo drivers the day off.

SORRY, WRONG NUMBER: In a rare quiet moment between belting out songs and accepting bravos during her sold-out three-week concert at Carnegie Hall, powerhouse Liza Minnelli failed to satisfy at least one of her beaming fans. “Sing Over the Rainbow,” someone shouted in the dark. Minnelli paused, then smiled, and in a soft voice replied, “It’s been done.”

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: In her new book, I’m With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie, Pamela Des Barres, wife of singer Michael, tells of her sexual escapades with such live wires as Mick Jagger, Don Johnson, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Waylon Jennings. “Everything is in there,” notes Des Barres. “Sometimes I didn’t make things look as sleazy as they really were, but I think I succeeded in telling all.” Pamela refrained from writing the book until after the death of her father four years ago. Now 38, she has only one regret: “I’m sorry I was too young to get near the Beatles,” she says. “If I had been a couple of years older, I could have made it through those gates and gotten ahold of one of those guys. But the Rolling Stones came along, and I was determined to get Mick. And I did, at 19.”

MAIL BONDING: Seems Sen. Robert Dole really pays attention to the letters he gets. Along with most of America, he received one from American Family Publishers and Ed McMahon telling him that he may have already won $10 million. According to the Washington Post, Dole wrote McMahon directly, saying, “As I am seriously considering running for President, I am prohibited by federal law from accepting contributions which exceed $1,000 per person. Corporate contributions are strictly prohibited.” Like most politicians, however, Dole knows where the loopholes are and jokingly offered an alternative. “However, Ed,” he wrote, “I might suggest that you and your wife each contribute $1,000 and, to make up the additional $9,998,000, ask 9,998 of your friends to contribute $1,000 each as well. In this way I could accept your generous offer of $10,000,000. I look forward to hearing from you soon.” So far, no checks.