By Tim Allis
December 15, 1986 12:00 PM

PRIME-TIME TOSS-UP: Although American television shows rule the international airwaves, American taste does not, according to Advertising Age. While Australia, Canada and Denmark share the love of our top-rated The Cosby Show, other countries show more diverse choices. Of the U.S. shows seen abroad, Israel prefers Dynasty; West Germany, Dallas; Japan, Little House on the Prairie; and Spain, Hill Street Blues. South Africa’s No. 1 import is Who’s the Boss? Mexico, Nicaragua and South Korea adore Knight Rider, which has been canceled in the States, while England and Chile are hot for The A-Team, also recently axed here. Why are Brazilians so enamored of Jacques Cousteau? Don’t ask the French. Their favorite U.S. program is Starsky and Hutch. Remember them?

SHE KNOWS WHERE THE BOYS ARE: He was a big kid with some fabulous toys—spaceships and extraterrestrials—but director Steven Spielberg had no one to share his sandbox with, until he and actress Amy Irving had their son, Max, 18 months ago. “We needed to have a baby so that Steven could have a playmate,” Irving (who married Spielberg last year) told London’s Sunday Mail. “I think both Steven and I are still kids in a lot of ways. We often feel we are playing house. So really I have two children—Max and Steven. I think most women do, too. As I look at Max, I know he will need a woman in his life to continue this. Women tend to spoil their men, and I am no exception.”

NOTHING PERSONAL: Rosanna (Desperately Seeking Susan) Arquette has turned a deaf ear to the critics. Although her latest movie, Nobody’s Fool, got its share of pans, Arquette says she’s learned from past experience not to read reviews anymore. “I’ve had one or two scathing ones, that’s for sure,” she says. “When I first got a TV series with Shirley Jones (1979’s short-lived Shirley), the Hollywood Reporter said I won ‘this year’s burnt tire award.’ I also read that ‘Rosanna Arquette runs the gamut from A to A and never was a trip so long.’ Whew!” Rosanna says it really hurts when they “come after you for looking ugly.” Remembers Arquette: “Once I was criticized for having buck teeth. What am I supposed to do? I sucked my thumb, okay? I never had braces, all right?” All right.