May 26, 1986 12:00 PM

MICHAEL JACKSON, ON THE OTHER HAND, IS A REGULAR VOLTAIRE: Boy George may have it all, but he hasn’t done it all, at least according to him. “I would love to go to a premiere in a ball gown on the arm of a man,” he told the British magazine The Face. “I’m sure it would annoy millions of people and I’d love to do it.” The man on whose arm you are unlikely to see the boyish one is Prince, who, George says, is “probably the most boring person you’ve ever heard. He’s got nothing to say and he takes so long to say it. It’s like sitting next to an old man at the pub.”

THE MAN WHO WOULD BE MAYOR: Clint Eastwood wasn’t always a multimillionaire movie star and politician. In 1955 he had a bit part in the movie Francis in the Navy. Mamie Van Doren was on the same Universal lot, having just completed another Francis the Mule movie, Francis Joins the WACs. Mamie now says she knew all along that Clint would be “a mayor or something political. He was always straight and direct—he always knew the most straight and direct path to my dressing room.”

MAYBE HE’LL SEND HER SOME OF THOSE, TOO: On Night Court, wacky Judge (Harry Anderson) Stone is, among other things, a Mel Tormé fanatic who abhors Barry Manilow. In a recent show, attorney Christine (Markie Post) Sullivan struck back for all the long-suffering Manilow fans, announcing to the judge that, “in my opinion, Barry Manilow happens to be one of the finest musicians of the past three decades.” The next morning Post received a bouquet of tulips and daisies at her home, along with a card that read, “Thank you for standing up for me last night. Love, Barry.” Says Post: “I was soooo touched. I hope he never finds out that I’ve never bought any of his records.”

SMOOTH, VERY SMOOTH: Phyllis Diller isn’t in life just for the laugh lines. She is also doing her best to de-wrinkle America. Diller, 68, who has sold an estimated 3,000 copies of her videotape, Looking Better Through Plastic Surgery, says other celebrities are very direct when they probe for information. “They call up and ask questions like, ‘Do you have scars? Does it hurt? How long do you have to take off work?’ ” And, Diller reports, her friends sometimes stay with her while they’re recuperating from their facelifts. “Pro running a halfway house for face jobs,” she cracks. But plastic surgery is only one part of Diller’s philosophy for happiness: “It’s just a matter of getting rid of all the things that bug you. For me, that included two husbands.”

JUST ONE OF THE GUYS: Suzanne Somers, who has posed in everything, including nothing, did a recent publicity photo session in which she was made to look like a man. “Nothing was familiar,” says Somers, 39. “The buttons all buttoned on the wrong side and they strapped down my bosom. At one point, they tried putting a sock in my crotch, but that made me very uncomfortable.” She says it wasn’t a total loss, however. “By the end of the day, they accepted me as a male. I learned some terrific dirty jokes that day.”

REAL MEN DON’T EAT VEGETABLES: If Vice-President George Bush wants to be President, he may have to do it without the help of one group of voters: the vegetable growers of America. Bush’s wife, Barbara, recalls receiving a letter from a woman asking for copies of the Vice-President’s favorite recipes. Mrs. Bush responded, but not a vegetable made the list. Recently, reports the Washington Post, Barbara told a GOP breakfast in California that when her husband turned 60 nearly two years ago, he vowed: “I’m never going to eat broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower or cabbage again.” Not even if the President tells him to.

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