April 28, 1986 12:00 PM

SEND ME NO FLOWERS: Whitney Houston might be saving all her love for someone, but it certainly isn’t French composer-performer Serge Gainsbourg. While the two were being interviewed live on Champs-Elyseés, France’s popular family music show, Gainsbourg lewdly propositioned the singer in front of an estimated 15 million viewers. Although he spoke in English, Gainsbourg—whose erotic ditty, Je t’aime…moi non plus, was banned in several countries in 1969—conveyed his feelings with a four-letter word familiar to most of the audience. “What are you saying?” Houston screamed in response. “You must be drunk!” Gainsbourg’s bizarre explanation was, “You are not Reagan, and I am not Gorbachev, so we can do it.” The show’s chagrined host then pitched in with an even stranger remark, lamely trying to translate the come-on as “He means he wants to give her flowers.”

IT BRINGS OUT THE BEAST IN HER: Mike the Dog’s popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds. He’s negotiating with the Disney Channel for a TV movie, Spot Marks the X, is being repped as a model by Nina Blanchard and, according to Melody Anderson, has become a bona fide sex symbol. Anderson, who co-stars in HBO’s Philip Marlowe, Private Eye, met Mike at a charity function. “I’ll bet he’s a better date than nine-tenths of the men in this town,” she said. “He’s probably a good kisser and very discreet. And he has that kind of hairy body that a woman really likes.”

AND WHAT BRUCE WANTS, BRUCE GETS: Trying to revive the music side of his career, former rock drummer and guitarist Gary Busey told Daily Variety that he’s working on a new gospel-flavored sound. Asked why he decided to pursue gospel music, Busey replied, “I went on my knees and had a talk with the Boss.”

HE COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER: Accepting an award in Washington, D.C. from the American College Theatre Festival, Don Johnson said, “This leaves me searching for words of appreciation. But as most of you who watch Miami Vice know, searching for words is a constant thing.”

HE KNEW IT BY HEART: Pubescent girls everywhere can breathe easier now. Weeks after his sixth wife, 23-year-old Kerrie, filed for divorce, Jerry Lee Lewis performed at a club on Memphis’ Beale Street. Pounding out Here Comes the Bride on the piano, Lewis said, “I’ll play it, but I won’t marry to it ever again.”

REED IT AND WEEP: Critics have often accused Pretty In Pink’s Jon Cryer of being a Matthew Broderick clone. “Rex Reed even called me a second-rate Broderick,” says Cryer, “and I think Rex is a second-rate Oscar Wilde. But I try not to let that stuff bother me. I used to mind the comparisons, but not anymore. I mean, Matthew’s a very talented guy. Now, if I were being compared to Jerry Lewis, that would be no fun.”

KING LEER: Dynasty’s Gordon Thomson, who once apprenticed at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Ontario, was saying he’d like to play Romeo someday. The 35-year-old actor was reminded, however, that Romeo is a libidinous teenager. “Well,” sighed Thomson, “at least I qualify on one account.”

A HIGH-MINDED SOLUTION: According to Bob Hope, the cocaine-troubled New England Patriots would be helpful in enforcing a strong antidrug program. “Somebody asked the Patriots if they would go in for drug testing,” says Hope. “They said, ‘Sure, we’ll test any drugs you have.’ ”

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