July 29, 1985 12:00 PM

AND THIS IS MY FRIEND BURT: Tom Selleck wants the world to know that a P.I.—Professional Impersonator—is operating in Trinidad, cadging free meals and hotel accommodations on the strength of his Magnumesque looks. Selleck’s people discovered the ruse when one hoodwinked hotelier called to see if Tom really was in Trinidad. What made him suspicious? He’d always thought, correctly, that Selleck was 6’4″. The man he had been hosting was 5’10”.

TYPECASTING: The three stars of director Paul Mazursky’s Down and Out in Beverly Hills, a comedy about nouveau riche life-styles in Southern California, are Nick Nolte, Bette Midler and Richard Dreyfuss. Since all three performers have had well-publicized personal problems, Mazursky has jokingly said that the film’s title is apt. He cracked to Daily Variety: “I thought of having rehearsals at the Betty Ford Center.”

DYING FOR THE JOB: Nicholas Campbell will star in ABC’s The Insiders this fall as a hunky blond reporter. But in 1977, when he was appearing in Laurence Olivier’s TV version of Come Back, Little Sheba, the actor’s hair was its natural brown, and he was ordered to lighten it. When Campbell asked why, he was told it was to complement co-star Carrie Fisher’s brunette locks. “Let her dye her hair,” said Campbell. Unfortunately Sir Laurence was within earshot. “If it was no trouble for me,” Campbell says Olivier bellowed at King Lear pitch, “to be knighted in front of my king with my hair dyed for Hamlet, then why is it any trouble for you to get your hair dyed to work for me?” Campbell lightened up.

HIP HOORAY: Knots Landing’s Lisa Hartman says it wasn’t easy making her new pinup poster, in which she’s seen lying on her side wearing nothing but a black lace top and a pair of what are politely called love-me pumps. Was the problem that she had qualms about posing bottomless? “No,” says Hartman, “it was a challenge picking the right outfit.”

A MOVIE THAT DOESN’T NEED LEGS: At the end of Silverado, the four male leads (Scott Glenn, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner and Danny Glover) ride off for California, vowing, “We’ll be back!” Does that mean there’ll be a sequel? The crowd at the L.A. screening for the American Film Institute thought so. “Sure,” said Ed Begley Jr. “The four of them should go to California and open up the very first Cadillac dealership. Then they can call the sequel Eldorado.”

THE SULKSTER: Normally a mild-mannered guy, Hulk Hogan got a little bit impatient while filming a Love Boat episode with Bruce Jenner and ex-Philadelphia Eagle Tim Rossovich. The World Wrestling Federation champ was required to spend two days on the set. Grumbled Hogan: “I’m used to making my money in 10 minutes.”

MAGICAL MARKETING TOUR: Just because Lincoln-Mercury is using Help! in its TV commercials, don’t expect to hear a glut of Beatles songs as jingles. “We don’t want to overexploit the catalog to make a fast buck,” says Nikki Freegard of ATV Music, which controls licensing rights to some 200 Beatles tunes. “We’ve got a lifetime of work here.” According to Variety ATV has already turned down such requests as: The Long and Winding Road for tires, Good Day Sunshine for potato chips, Golden Slumbers for mattresses, In My Life for fast-food chicken and Michelle for deodorant. “Michelle, you smell,” just isn’t the kind of lyric Paul McCartney had in mind.

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