June 03, 1985 12:00 PM

POLITICAL BAGGAGE: Ted Kennedy was looking over a list of winners of the annual Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards when he noticed one of the entries was titled, “Bread, Butter and Politics.” Remarked Kennedy, who has recently lost 27 pounds, “I’ve had to give up two of those so that I could continue to participate in the third.”

FAIR CHER? At the Cannes Film Festival Mask director Peter Bogdanovich and the star, Cher, unmasked their feelings for each other. “It is no secret that we didn’t get on,” Cher told reporters. “Bogdanovich was so inconsistent. When he had his ideas and I had mine, I just went my own way. I won’t work with him again.” Bogdanovich, at a rival press conference, agreed he and Cher didn’t get along. “The main reason was that she didn’t trust me. She doesn’t trust men.” Added Peter: “I tried to help her, but I couldn’t do it directly. I used every trick in the book, sometimes even pretending to get angry. She has said I had nothing to do with her performance—it was all her own work. Well, the best directors are the ones who make the actors think they do it all themselves.”

RHINESTONES ARE FOREVER: During a dinner at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Carol Burnett recalled a party she threw to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday while the two stars were filming the HBO movie Between Friends in Toronto. Hollywood writer Kenny Solms, an old friend of Carol’s who had flown in for the occasion, handed Elizabeth a card. Then he told her, “I didn’t know what to get for the woman who has everything. So I want you to choose something yourself. Get yourself something special.” Inside the envelope was a check for $10. Elizabeth, according to Carol, thought the gift was hilarious. (Incidentally she hasn’t cashed the check.)

IN RON WE TRUST: A promotional brochure offered by the Church of Scientology, the California-based cult headed by L. Ron Hubbard, offers testimonials from several celebrity adherents. Chick Corea, the jazz keyboardist, is quoted as saying, “I know that Scientology has the potential to, and is creating a new civilization. That’s why I’m aboard.” Sonny Bono penned a pro-Scientology poem: “I’m on the first step to the stairway to infinity…and now I feel the force of something new surrounding me….” Karen Black, billed as “a famous Hollywood film star,” offered these words: “One of the things that Scientology counseling does is expand your attention in present time…” Curiously the brochure says nothing about one of Scientology’s most famous followers, John Travolta, who last week flew to Oregon to speak in support of the church after it lost a $39 million lawsuit filed by a former member.

BIG WHEELS: NBC anchorwoman Connie Chung was talking about what it’s like to do the News at Sunrise. “The drag is getting up at 3 in the morning,” Chung told a gathering of network affiliates in L.A. “The good part is they send a limo to pick up their morning people. As [Today weatherman] Willard Scott says, ‘They treat us like hookers. They send a car for us, but how we get home is up to us.’ ”

PLOTTING FOR DOLLARS: Last year’s sci-fi flick Godzilla (yet to be released in the U.S.) was so successful in Japan that the producers are already working on a sequel. What’s going to happen to the reprehensible reptile this time? You tell us. According to the filmmakers, the plot of the new movie will be determined by the public (albeit the Japanese public). Advertising in Tokyo for suggestions, the producers have announced that they will reward the person who submits the winning plot with a cash prize of $12,000—but, alas, no dream date with Godzilla.

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