By John Stark
May 13, 1985 12:00 PM

TACKLING THOSE OLD DESIRES: Joe Namath, 41, who opened this month in Atlantic City in the musical Bells Are Ringing, was asked by the Philadelphia Inquirer why he waited until last year to get hitched. Replied the former Jets quarterback, whose wife, Deborah, is expecting a baby in October: “I had to travel around, and I guess that’s what kept me from making a commitment I wasn’t ready for. I mean, I had a good eye and an animalistic urge for the opposite sex. Well, that hasn’t disappeared. But I know I have a marriage to keep together. We’re a family now. And even though that animalistic desire is still there, it has to be controlled. That’s definitely a no-no now.”

ONE HUMP OR TWO? Actress Season Hubley went to Tunisia to film The Key to Rebecca and brought along Boston, her 5-year-old son by ex-husband Kurt (Silkwood) Russell. Blond-haired and blue-eyed, Boston attracted a lot of attention—and more. “I was on the beach one day when a shepherd offered me all of his sheep for him,” recalls Hubley, who politely said, “Naaaa!” Another time, “I took him with me to the marketplace, where he received incredible attention. I was shocked when a wealthy merchant approached me and offered 1,000 camels for him.” Uh, filtered or unfiltered?

FLUSH, FLUSH, SWEET STARLET: At a dinner for Amnesty International hosted by Malcolm McDowell and his wife, Mary Steenburgen, director James (Fraternity Vacation) Frawley mused about how Hollywood personalities have cleaned up their drug act. “I gave a party last weekend for about 100 people,” he recalled. “It’s the first time I ever saw people go into the bathroom and actually heard the toilet flush.”

LITE THOUGHTS: Asked by a Chicago Sun-Times reporter how much he weighed, heavyweight actor Charles Durning refused to give a number but did offer his dieting philosophy. Said Durning: “I just try to get down to my normal overweight and stay there.”

ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD: Prince is taking it easy with publicity for his new album, Around the World in a Day. Defying the laws of modern-day rock music promotion, he hasn’t planned any videos or singles from the LP. Prince’s management didn’t even bother to provide his record company, Warner Bros., with new photographs or public relations material. The record folks admit this is all highly unusual, but nobody is complaining. Said Warner spokesman Bob Merlis: “We don’t second-guess Prince anymore. He’s always right. I can’t think of when he’s ever been wrong.”

THE OLD MILLS SCREAM: Don’t tangle with Donna Mills, the treacherous Abby Ewing on Knots Landing. While in New York on her way to the theater to see Joe Egg, she was accosted by a mugger outside Sardi’s restaurant. “I don’t know what came over me,” Mills says. “But I just started screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘Stop! Drop it, buster!’ I guess I must have scared him more than he scared me, because he did just that.” Meanwhile three mounted policemen responded to Mills’ screeches. So, too, did a crowd of onlookers—some of whom knew the prime-time soap queen. They applauded Mills, who triumphantly proclaimed, “That’ll teach him to mess with Abby.”

STANDING PAT: Doesn’t matter who you are, some rules cannot be broken. Bob Brown, Michigan’s corrections director, attended a banquet at the state prison in Jackson. Brown asked the inmate serving his table for a second pat of butter for his baked potato. “No, sir,” the con replied. “One potato, one pat.” Brown asked the inmate, “Do you know who I am?” He didn’t, so Brown explained that he was the guy in charge of the entire Michigan prison system. “Fine, sir,” the inmate replied, adding, “Do you know who I am? I’m the dude in charge of the butter pats.” Stymied, Brown withdrew his request.