September 09, 1985 12:00 PM

PONTI-FICATING STAR: It’s not just Madonna and Sean Penn who have glazed looks in their eyes. According to Ildiko Jaid Barrymore, Drew’s mom, the precocious 10-year-old has fallen in love. And who’s the lucky guy? None other than Edoardo Ponti, 12, the youngest son of Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren. Edoardo starred with his mother in the NBC-TV movie Aurora. Says Ildiko: “Drew and Edoardo met three years ago, when Drew was just a child. It was at a party in Beverly Hills. They hit it off immediately. They started to dance and swim together.” Now there’s talk they may star together in an as-yet-untitled movie to be shot in Italy about political unrest as seen through the eyes of children. “Drew’s gone very Italian,” says Ildiko. “She’s thinking of taking Italian lessons and has a new cat that she’s named Pizza.” Meanwhile Drew isn’t devoting all of her time to Edoardo. She’s been hanging around Edoardo’s brother, Carlo Jr., 16. “When you get real romantic about someone it’s too nerve-racking,” explains Drew. “That’s why I like to spend time around Carlo. We can just relax and have fun.” We’ll keep that in mind….

WORKING FOR SCALE: It was 84 degrees with 93 percent humidity in New York City, when Godzilla arrived at Rockefeller Center to promote his new film, Godzilla 1985. Godzilla, on a nationwide publicity tour, is really Los Angeles actor Brad Garfield, 28. At 5’5″ he’s the requisite height to wear the scaly, 200-pound costume, made entirely of rubber. “Godzilla’s neck starts above my head, so I am looking out through his chest,” Garfield says. Accompanying the reptile, who’s done the Tokyo stomp more than once, was a registered nurse with two bottles of oxygen. “It takes all my energy to walk 30 steps in this thing,” Garfield says. As for getting the role, he adds, “I’m an actor, though I don’t regard this as one of my finer parts. It gets sweaty in here, and my wife sometimes wonders why I come home smelling like rubber. She wants to know just exactly what it is I’ve been doing.”

DOUBLE WHAMMIE: Tears for Fears does not like being compared to any other group, especially Wham! “Wham! is sex and suntans and that’s it,” says Tears singer-songwriter Roland Orzabal. “I consider it an insult being thrown in with Wham! They [George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley] try to perpetuate the old tradition of being stars who are seen in glamorous places and all that. It’s easy for Americans to accept Wham! because they walk around in beach shorts all the time.” Adds Tears cohort Curt Smith: “The music they write is superficial. The music we write has a lot of depth. They’re a couple of businessmen cleaning up with songs that are pretty and don’t mean anything, which is fair enough. We’re not as good-looking as them for starters. And even if we were, we wouldn’t push the fact. Music has always been our first consideration.”

NO PUTTERING AROUND: Jack Nicklaus, 45, who lives in North Palm Beach, Fla., was asked if he ever planned to retire. “What would I retire to?” he replied. “Moving to Florida and playing golf?”

ANYONE HEARD FROM PHARAOH FAWCETT? Perpetual hoofer Ann Miller, 66, says she’s been going to psychics since she was 10 years old, and that four have told her she was once Hatshepsut, the queen who ruled Egypt from c1501-c1481 B.C. Believing it true, Miller has visited Hatshepsut’s tomb; the dancer even has her bedroom decorated in an Egyptian motif. Now it looks as if Miller may have to change her tomb, all because of an interview with Tina Turner that appeared in last month’s LIFE magazine. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Miller says. “Tina says she thinks she may have been Queen Hatshepsut. When I read that, I thought to myself, ‘Well, my dear, we’re going to have to fight this one out!’ ”

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