October 29, 1984 12:00 PM

At a Long Island fund raiser for Democratic Congressman Tom Downey, Mary Travers—of Peter, Paul and Mary fame—told the crowd about an invitation she received last spring to the White House Easter egg-rolling contest. “They told me it was nonpolitical,” said Mary, a very vocal Democrat. “I said, ‘In an election year everything is political.’ ” The White House rep helping to arrange the event didn’t want to take no for an answer and again attempted to persuade Mary to attend. “I don’t want to roll an egg with Ronald Reagan,” Mary replied. “I want to throw one at him.” The White House rolled without her.

There are folks who make a living by telling Liz Taylor jokes. Now it turns out that Liz Taylor tells Liz Taylor jokes while she makes a living. In a guest spot last month on ABC’s Hotel, Taylor walked down a hallway escorted by actor Shea Farrell. “After about five or six rehearsals,” says Farrell, “she turned to me and said: ‘My God, this looks like we’re walking down the aisle together—in which case I’m very well-rehearsed.’ ”

Responding to rumors that he hoped to find a new wife, Monaco’s Prince Rainier told London’s Daily Mail: “Just the idea that I could remarry is absurd. I’ve grown used to being alone, and when my loneliness is too much, I forget by playing golf.”

If you really want to know who sleeps with whom, just get a job at a luxury boutique. Kristi Stevens sells exotic $20-a-stem flowers at a Brentwood, Calif. shop called the Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Tra La. Though Sean Connery, Tom Cruise and Paloma Picasso all have shopped there, Kristi best remembers one customer—whom she won’t name—who bought buds for his wife, his girlfriend and his boyfriend. Unfortunately the cards got mixed up. “If it were me, I’d use separate florists,” says Kristi. Jewelry designer llias Lalaounis, who sells baubles priced from $150 to about $30,000 to customers including Barbra Streisand, Stefanie Powers and Rudolf Nureyev, encounters similar complications at his New York and foreign boutiques. A socialite, buying a gift for her lover at the Lalaounis Paris store, met her husband who was buying a trinket for his lover. Oddly enough, the philandering couple didn’t even flinch; they showed each other their selections. “Buy her something more expensive,” the wife advised.

In the song You Might Think, which was named 1984’s best video at the MTV awards, rocker Ric Ocasek of the Cars preys upon a knockout blonde. He dangles her from the top of the Empire State Building, drives a car over her and watches as she is attacked by a monster. But, after all that, he forgot to mention her when he accepted his award. She is, in fact, Susan Gallagher, 27, a pint-size (5’3″) Ford agency model who appears in the national ads for Bass shoes and Gitano jeans. Because she grew up in Boston where the Cars got their start, she wanted to be in their video. So, she worked for five days and late nights, earning somewhat less for her efforts than she makes during a full morning of modeling. After the awards, Susan says, “I came home and listened to all my friends on my answering machine with the same message, ‘Congratulations and condolences.’ ” At least she got to meet a rock star.

Being a movie star is fun. Promoting a movie is not, according to JoBeth Williams. She has been on the road to plug American Dreamer, released this week. “This is the first time I’ve done 10 cities in 15 days,” she says. “It’s just madness. I hate to fly, so I’m a nervous wreck. Then there’s the time difference. I can’t sleep at night, I have to keep talking all day…and those are just the good things about it.”

Dack Rambo, who plays Wesley Harper, the resident sleaze on ABC’s new hit, Paper Dolls, spends his free time helping with the dirty work on his family’s 75-acre California cotton farm. Jokes the Rambo plantation’s favorite son: “Yes, I have slaves—my mother and father.”

Writing isn’t everything to humorist Fran Lebowitz—now at work on a novel and suffering writer’s block. “The novel is what I’m doing on the side,” says Fran. “Fulltime, I’m watching daytime TV.”

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