October 08, 1984 12:00 PM

Abbie Hoffman is still a Yippie (Yid-dishe hippie), but ex-Yippie Jerry Rubin now claims to be a Yuppie (Young Urban Professional). For practically no other reason, they decided to debate each other at The Stone rock club in San Francisco before more than 500 onlookers, who paid $11 each for admission. “Scratch Jerry Rubin and you’ll find Ronald Reagan,” said Hoffman. Countered Rubin: “The Yuppies haven’t sold out—we’ve taken over.” Still, if actions speak louder than words, Hoffman won this one, no contest. He halted the proceedings and took out a Cuisinart to make what he called a “Yuppie pie”: semolina wheat, Brie, white wine, tofu, vitamins, stock certificates, credit cards, keys to a Porsche, a gold Rolex watch and a few microchips. Then he turned the thing on. Plopping the resulting mush into a pie pan, Hoffman mockingly wielded it at Rubin. Before it flew, the moderator gently took the Yuppie pie to a neutral corner.

Tina Turner told London’s Daily Mirror why she looks so good at 45. “I just get plenty of rest and I do a lot of shows. I don’t smoke and hardly drink. I’m a lady. My only vice is shopping.”

John Sayles, who created the low-budget hit Return of the Secaucus Seven, went all out with his new comedy flick, The Brother From Another Planet. He wrote it in six days and filmed it in four weeks with $350,000 of his own money. Since Sayles couldn’t afford experienced makeup artists, the lead actor’s hairy, three-toed feet dissolved when he stepped in a puddle. Later, someone locked the art supply keys in a car, and when a Good Samaritan stopped to help retrieve them, his shoulder bag was stolen. Short on staff, Sayles sent his producer to a methadone clinic to help the Samaritan replace the drugs he had in his case. Later still, since Sayles had no money to pay a store to shut down for a filming sequence, he shot a fruit market scene as patrons filed in and out. The owners finally got fed up and kicked out the crew before they finished. “That was just the first day,” says Sayles. “Luckily, you don’t have time to lose your temper when shooting a film like this.”

“I usually don’t tell stories about Warren because you get trained not to,” Jack Nicholson admitted at a tribute to his pal Warren Beatty at Toronto’s (film) Festival of Festivals. Author Jerzy Kosinski, who starred with Warren and Jack in Reds, showed no such restraint. He told tales about Warren’s dazed demeanor while obsessed with making Reds. Recalled Jerzy, “We were in a very elegant restaurant waiting for Warren one day. At one point I saw him coming down the staircase, so I took my rum and Coke and ducked under the table. Warren came to the table tired. At this time I had his shoes in my hands. I started pouring half of a large rum and Coke into his shoes. Warren still didn’t react. The whole drink by now is in his shoes. The waiter sees me under the table, sees my drink is gone and hands me another. Warren still doesn’t notice. It took him ten minutes before he finally looked under the table and saw me…And I lived through three years of that with him.”

For the new Disney Channel release Love Leads the Way, Timothy Bottoms really threw himself into the role of Morris Frank, the first blind man to use a Seeing Eye dog in America. With his canine companion, Pilot, leading the way, Bottoms knocked on co-star Eva Marie Saint’s hotel room door the night before shooting began in Nashville. “It’s Morris Frank,” he announced. “I’m in my nightgown,” Saint replied. “That’s okay,” Bottoms answered, “I’m blind.”

At a New York City Friars Club tribute to Dean Martin, Lucille Ball recalled the night in 1961 when the Friars roasted her. Until then the club dinners included so many raunchy jokes that they had never dared invite women. Lucy’s presence changed everything. To avoid offending her and other female guests, club leaders warned every speechmaker to tone down the language. So when Johnny Carson took his turn to toast Lucy, he began by announcing the new rules and promising to purge all offensive language from his speech. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he concluded sanctimoniously, “what a thrill it is to present Miss Lucille Testicle.”

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