June 11, 1984 12:00 PM

The Wings of a Dog

On the way to divorce court with estranged husband Peter Beard, Cheryl Tiegs let a new male move in with her. He’s a 14-week-old wire fox terrier (with thoroughbred papers, of course) named Martini. Though he sometimes scratches away at the kitchen wallpaper, Martini is a very compatible housemate, and Cheryl says his manners are impeccable. At a picnic near her Montauk, Long Island home, she boasts, he stayed off the blanket so as not to get dirt on the food. “He’s a brilliant dog on his way to being a genius, a prodigy…and I’m not at all prejudiced,” jokes Cheryl. He also is one lucky pup. For a vacation in California, Martini and Cheryl flew pricey Regent Air in a private compartment—no doggie basket for him—with plenty of room for Cheryl’s long legs and Martini’s wagging tail.

Team Spirit

At 8,000 stores across the country, Levi’s, the official outfitters of the U.S. Olympic team, is collecting good luck messages to the athletes from anyone who wants to write one. As sometimes happens, the stars are getting special treatment. Levi’s went directly to Elizabeth Taylor, Robert De Niro, Rock Hudson, Brooke Shields and others and came away with plenty of patriotic messages. “Win, lose or draw, all who reach to catch a star are heroes,” scribbled Anthony Quinn. Beverly Sills wrote, “In opera, to wish good luck, we say, ‘Break a leg!’ Forget that! Run, jump, leap, swim, throw—do everything in good health and with success!” Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward sent a message worthy of a high school football coach. They wrote, “Being best isn’t everything, it’s just all there is.” Rah!

Once Upon a Mattress

The on-again, off-again love affair between Elizabeth McGovern and Sean Penn leaned strongly toward the off side at the Cannes Film Festival. Sean reportedly planned to meet Elizabeth at the festival, where she was scheduled to promote her just-released film, Once Upon a Time in America. Elizabeth’s co-star, Robert De Niro, also expected her. But without a publicly announced reason, Elizabeth failed to appear, leaving Sean, who apparently planned to stay in her hotel room, doubly in the lurch. Sean finally found a place to lay his weary head in the room of actor Harry Dean Stanton. Hollywood just doesn’t like happy endings these days.

Lend Me Your Ear

They used to call him Wilt the Stilt. Wilt the Barbarian would be more like it. While filming a vicious fight scene for the upcoming Conan the Destroyer, TV former basketball champ Wilt Chamberlain really gave it to the film’s muscle-bound hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, Arnold finally yelled, “Wilt, please! The camera doesn’t know if you’re really biting my ear. Stop it! Just pretend!”

The Naked Truth

During a hiatus from filming Dallas last year, Patrick (Bobby Ewing) Duffy made his first feature film. Duffy plays a down-and-out saxophone player in Vamping, tentatively scheduled for a fall release. Revealing slightly more of himself than prime-time audiences see, the actor agreed to take it all off for one quick scene. “You see me scuttering from one room to another,” Patrick told London’s Daily Star. The added exposure may boost Duffy’s career, but it didn’t do much for his ego. Says he: “I found out I’m not nearly as attractive in the buff as I thought I was.”

Scratching the Surface

While we’re on the subject of expanded views, Julie Christie found an advantage to acting in a film about women called The Gold Diggers, which opened in London last month. “It was an enormous relief being with women,” says Julie of the 100 percent female film crew and mostly female cast. “There are all sorts of odd things you can do with your own sex that you can’t do when there’s a man around, even something as trivial as lifting up your skirt and scratching your behind.”

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