By People Staff
November 18, 1974 12:00 PM

A Future Ford

This particular baby-kissing will come at the wrong time to win any votes, but Gerald R. Ford won’t mind a bit. Daughter-in-law Gayle Brumbaugh Ford, 23, wife of eldest son Michael, has been visiting a prenatal clinic near Boston regularly. The Fords’ first grandchild is expected next spring, and for that the President and First Lady have promised to brave the Democratic wilderness of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Udder Foolishness

George Plimpton has strained his stringbean body and journalist’s brain by quarterbacking, boxing and trapezing—then telling about it. But on his latest adventure he flexed only eyeball, index finger and manly restraint: Plimpton photographed the nudie centerfold for an upcoming Playboy. And the man who practiced recycling before it was fashionable leicaed the experience so much that he’s baring all in an article for Harper’s magazine.


“Psychic” telepath Uri Geller, 27, claims he can bend spoons with just mind waves. Geller is now predicting that his native Israel will be enmeshed in a war starting between Nov. 19 and Dec. 12. When this news filtered back to Tel Aviv, an Israeli defense official cracked that if Uri were correct he should be brought home immediately to bend the Arabs’ SAM missiles off course.

Son of Omar

In recent years Egyptian actor Omar Sharif has preferred to trump bridge foes more than the ladies. But his son Tarek, a precocious 17, seems to be upholding family honor. “Girls just melt under his magic spell,” boasts Sharif, who recounts with relish a Deauville holiday. First, Tarek (whose name means “he who knocked on the door”) and his date spooned with such vigor in the back seat that Omar, who drove, “didn’t dare look around.” Then, with the couple in the next room, Sharif’s soft-focus eyes stayed open all night because “their lovemaking kept me awake.”

Cosmic Chaos

“Her morals and education are zero,” snapped a Honduran shortly after Amparo Muñoz, 20, the reigning Miss Universe, had refused to visit a half-finished basilica. The Spanish title-holder, on a good-will tour of Honduras, also took flak for her refusal to slap on makeup for every outing and her reluctance to press the flesh at every appearance (overlooked were her visits to hurricane relief rallies and orphanages). Things came to a head when Ana Maria Cumba, Amparo’s exasperated chaperone, “fired” her at a press conference. In an effort to cool it, officials of Miss Universe, Inc. have sent Amparo to her Málaga home until mid-December. Stay tuned.


The proud vintners of Italy and France boast that “a day without wine is like a day without sunshine.” If that’s true, oenophiles have been drinking under a cloud lately. In Sicily members of some of the biggest Families are suspected of operating “wineboats”—big tankers towed to still waters, filled with an olio of water, molasses, grape dregs and a splash of coloring, and left to bake in the sun. And in France venerable wine names like Cruse have been charged with, among other transgressions, peddling under prestigious labels good old vin ordinaire. So nervous is the French industry that press agents are offering foreign journalists no-expense-spared fêtes at restaurants and reception halls in an effort to blunt the scandale that is already being called “Winegate.”


•Remember the expression “you smell like a brewery”? It’s now possible without chugging a lug, thanks to a Miami firm that makes scented T-shirts; beer is one of the essences. Dieters can also buy garments to bring back sweet memories of pizza, cold lamb and kosher dills.

•Mrs. Bono is proving très cher indeed. Although since their split Cher has been handsomely squired by record magnate Dave Geffen, for Sonny the beat goes on: he forks over $32,000 per month alimony and child support.

•If Halston has the nerve to call it a new design, sniffed Women’s Wear Daily, we have the nerve to give it a new name: The Skimp. Trouble is it looks suspiciously like the mini that fell out of fashion several seasons ago.

•Even the actresses (and others) whom he kissed with enough passion to win the nickname “Sexy Rexy” were astonished when Rex Harrison, 66, revealed his left eye has been blind since a measles bout at age 7.

•Pundits have calculated that if U.S. Ambassador to Luxemburg Ruth Farkas—who gave CREEP $300,000, or 85¢ per Luxemburger, before landing her post—had wanted to go to Peking, it would have cost her $692 million.

•As Henry conferred in New Delhi, Nancy Kissinger, touring the magnificent red-walled Akbar Palace in Fatehpur Sikri, India, came to the harem entrance.

Guide: This is where the emperor entered.

Nancy: How often did he leave?