By Jeff Jarvis
March 21, 1983 12:00 PM

Topical Anesthesia

If the gossip hit teams caused leggy Susan Anton to retreat into a life of no-commenthood after her stormy breakup from Sly Stallone a few years ago, life with comedian Dudley Moore has her holding her head higher (specifically, 10 inches higher than Dudley’s). “I’ve become more open, more honest,” says the six-foot Anton, currently on a concert tour. “I’m less afraid to talk about what I believe, and to be topical.” One topic, though, sails clear above Dudley’s head: wedding bells. “After two failed marriages,” she notes of his romantic history, “the word isn’t even in Dudley’s vocabulary—though I’d love to marry him.”

Jett Engines

One of her big hits here was Crimson and Clover, but when Joan Jett and her Blackhearts hit Melbourne for an Australian tour, it was more like leather and rubber. Reportedly, a tribe of thuggish ruffians on thundering choppers, known as “Bikies” Down Under, provided a rousing motorcycle escort for the band from the airport to the downtown Regency Hotel. Joan was thrilled with her new friends. Not so some of the guests at the Regency, who were rattled by the sound and fury. Gasped one: “My God, what on earth was that?” Smirked Joan, “That was love at first sight.”

Prime Time Minister

Margaret Trudeau is—just in case you were wondering whatever happened to her—a TV star these days, the co-host of a morning show in Ottawa. She says her three sons are “very proud of Mommy.” At home, instead of playing cops and robbers, they play director and actors. That’s at Maggie’s house. When they’re with estranged papa Pierre, who lives nearby, it’s another story. “They are very modern children,” Maggie says, “although Pierre is a very old-fashioned father. Before I intervened, there was no television for them over at his house.” The kids, who live mostly with Pierre, were unhappy that Dad wouldn’t let them watch Saturday morning cartoons, says Mom. Finally, she told the Toronto Star, “I talked to Pierre about it. Since he always sleeps in on Saturday mornings anyway, it wasn’t as though he was losing that time. But he just has very negative feelings about televison. He tried to give me the argument that the brain can actually be damaged by the waves.”

My Son the Boss

After 16 years touring in Fiddler on the Roof, Herschel Bernardi is moving back to L.A. to settle down. His son intends to do the same. Adam, 25, works in Chicago as a film editor and wants to be a director. Papa Herschel theorized that Adam is already contemplating the day he will “be able to turn to me and say, ‘I’m sorry, Mr. Bernardi, but you’re not right for the part.’ ”

Help! (I Need Some Money?)

In England, owners of landmark homes can apply for restoration subsidies from the government, so the Maidenhead and Windsor District Council wasn’t surprised when the owner of a local 18th-century mansion asked for £500 ($750) to help fix the roof and the garden ornaments. But they balked when they discovered the owner’s name: Ringo Starr. Let him pay for his own roof, they voted. Application denied. Next!


President Reagan is reportedly delighted with the traditional presidential medal the mint has designed in his honor (one side features mountains, the other Reagan with a Mona Lisa smile). “It’s even better than getting an Oscar,” he assessed. And more tangible, too. “You know,” he added, “I never did get an Oscar.”