By Fred Bernstein
August 09, 1982 12:00 PM

Little Bo Peek

John and Bo Derek are pretty incensed about Susanne Severeid, the model who claimed that it was her body below Bo’s head on the billboards for their Tarzan film last summer. According to Susanne, the movie company hired her to pose for the ads while Bo was in far-off Sri Lanka filming the picture, which turned out to be a critical flop. Rages John: “We’re so mad we want to tear her clothes off in public and prove her body isn’t anything like Bo’s.” And, he adds, “It’s like someone popping up claiming he supplied John Wayne’s macho in all his movies.”

Acid Remark

It’s no secret that some people dislike Interior Secretary James Watt, 44, but how much they dislike him became clear when Watt guested on Larry King’s late-night radio talk show. Among the callers was one who took great relish in correcting the Secretary’s pronunciation of nuclear (he sometimes says “nuke-u-lar”) and another who read a nasty poem (“no more beaches, money talks…”). But the unkindest cut of all came from a Minnesota woman; she called to ask if Watt’s baldness had resulted from acid rain.

There She’s Not

Gary Collins, who will host the Miss America Pageant for the first time on Sept. 11, is annoyed that he won’t get to sing the contest’s longtime theme song, There She Is, for years trilled by Bert Parks. “I spent all my money on singing lessons,” joked Collins, 44, “only to find out the composer, Bernie Wayne, hadn’t renewed the contract for the song.” (Wayne, whose tune debuted in 1955, held out for more money; finally Miss America officials decided to look for another song for Collins.) “It’s really a hoot when you think about it,” says Gary. “There isn’t a very big market for the song elsewhere.”

The Claus von Bülow Show

You read about it in the papers—now you may get to see it on TV. Writer-director Sheldon Reynolds, a friend of Claus von Bülow’s since the ’60s, plans to make a miniseries about the socialite who was convicted of trying to murder his wife, Sunny, with an insulin injection. According to Reynolds—who has already had preliminary talks with network officials about airing the series, hopefully in 1983—he expects to shoot in London, Paris, the Middle East, Manhattan and, of course, Newport, where the crime took place. It will cover, among other chapters in von Bülow’s life, his international career in high finance (including a stint as an aide to J. Paul Getty) and his wartime escape from Denmark to neutral Sweden.

Where’s Johnny?

Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and his mullahs could hardly be more hostile to the West, but visitors to Tehran still detect a grudging curiosity about the U.S. Recently a high United Nations official met with Iranian leaders in the capital and got a predictable earful of America’s misdeeds. But afterward, the envoy reports, one of the ministers took him aside and said he had two personal questions. Checking to make sure no one was looking, the Iranian asked first, “Is it true that John Belushi died of a drug overdose?” and second, “Is Johnny Carson still hosting the Tonight show?” The envoy answered yes to both, but don’t expect to see the Ayatollah on Tonight anytime soon.

Downs and Out

During Princess Anne’s recent visit to Winnipeg, she was scheduled to spend an evening at Assiniboia Downs, where the feature race had been named the Princess Anne Stakes in her honor. She even planned to hand the trophy to the winner. But the Canadian track, long in financial trouble, went broke and was closed (albeit temporarily) on the day of the race. Local officials, hard pressed to think up an appropriate alternative, settled on dinner at the elegant restaurant Dubrovnik. Owner Milan Bodiroga had less than three hours to prepare for Anne’s party of 18, but he reports she appeared to be in an “excellent mood.”