July 19, 1982 12:00 PM

Keeping Up With Jones

It’s not unusual for fans of Welsh sex symbol Tom Jones, 42, to trail the crooner from one concert to another, but Barbara Anderson was something else. Anderson, 44, of Rochester, N.Y., seemed to be at every Jones concert, staying in the best hotels and eating in the finest restaurants. “We couldn’t figure out how she did it,” said Ruth Brooks, president of a Tom Jones fan club in Canada. “We scrimped and saved to see him. We figured that she had a real good job.” It turns out there may be a better explanation. Last month Anderson was arrested on charges of embezzling more than $100,000 from the Lockwood Mapping Company, a maker of aerial maps, which employed her as bookkeeper at $17,000 a year. She pleaded not guilty, but police said she had falsified 300-plus checks in 30 months, a drain on the company’s profits that forced economy measures on its salesmen. While they were reduced to sleeping in YMCAs or in their cars, Anderson was reportedly using company money to pay her hefty credit card bills. Jones doesn’t know the woman, but a spokesman for the singer stated, “She got carried away.”

Unfrocked Brooke

Six months after it was introduced, the Brooke Shields doll is “walking off the shelves,” according to its enthusiastic maker. Trouble is, the clothes—which come separately and cost up to $5 per ensemble—aren’t selling as well, at least according to one dealer, who says, “We are choking on Brooke clothes.” That doesn’t surprise an industry cynic, who figures, “People want to undress Brooke, not dress her.”

Zorba Nixed

Gabriel García Márquez, the Colombian author of the 1970 international best-seller One Hundred Years of Solitude, says he has turned down a $1 million offer from Anthony Quinn for movie rights to the book. “Anthony Quinn, with his million dollars and everything, will never be Colonel Aureliano Buendia,” he said, referring to the hero of his novel. One reason is Márquez’s aversion to movie people, particularly producers. “My wife, Mercedes, is afraid of them,” he says. “They show up for the first meeting with outer-space-like projects, clean out your bar and your pantry, make calls all over the world from your phone without asking how much they owe, and then you never hear from them again.”

Rare Welsh Bit

Ever since Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor almost simultaneously announced they were leaving their most recent mates, rumors have been flying that the couple would wed for the third time. Now they plan to make a film together, which so far is just a title, Herself Surprised. But Liz may be surprised herself. Richard has fallen in love with Sally Hay, a production assistant on Wagner, a TV miniseries in which he will star. “I don’t know if we will marry,” said Richard, 56. For one thing, he explained, Sally is in her late 20s. “She is very young and innocent, and I don’t want to put her in the glare of publicity.” But he has taken her to meet his family. “It was rather difficult,” he reported, “because they insisted on speaking Welsh. She doesn’t understand it, and all they did was scream at me. They said I was no good.”

Rewriting History

Wasn’t it only yesterday that Jimmy Connors was the curmudgeon king of the center court? Yet somehow Patti Connors, Jimmy’s wife of three years, has the idea that John McEnroe invented bad tennis sportsmanship. “Jimmy was never that rude,” Patti said before her husband defeated McEnroe at Wimbledon. “Everybody hates McEnroe. People come up to me and say, ‘Please tell Jimmy to beat him.’ There’s this elderly British lady back in Florida who does my manicures and pedicures—she used to work years ago for the Queen Mother. She told me, ‘I’m not going home this year to see Wimbledon. He’s ruined it for me.’ And I’m sure that he’s ruined it for a lot of other people.”

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