December 06, 1982 12:00 PM


Will Ronald Reagan run again in 1984? Yes, says at least one White House insider—and not just because the President doesn’t see a logical Republican successor. According to the source, Reagan would actually rather spend those four years riding and chopping wood at his Rancho del Cielo, but, he explains, the President “knows Nancy well enough to know he won’t be at the ranch any more than the 80 days a year he spends there now. She’ll want him to buy a house in Beverly Hills to be near friends that he isn’t really all that attracted to.” Therefore, he says, Reagan figures he might as well continue living in the White House.

Sophia’s Choice

In Merv Griffin’s newly released Book of People, the talk show host reports that both Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton claim Sophia Loren cheats at poker. What’s more, he quotes Omar Sharif as saying, “Sophia’s got this thing that you cannot leave the table until she’s winning. If it takes one week, you sit at that table. Usually, when you’re tired, you let her win. She says, ‘I’ve got a pair of deuces,’ and you just throw your four aces out.” Griffin, ever the gentleman, gives Loren equal time. Her reply: “That’s not true. They are never able to win with me, that’s why they say I cheat.” Besides, she zings, “O’Toole still owes me money.”

The High Cost of Hand-Me-Downs

One night last February, while Bonnie Sirower was trying to think of a way to raise money and promote a new line of “designer jeans” for her employer, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York, she dreamed (she swears it’s true) that Robert Culp came to her with a pair of jeans and said that she could sell them. Sirower woke up with a start and began planning last month’s auction of celebrity clothing that brought in some $7,000. Among the 63 items auctioned were a purple glove of Miss Piggy’s, Pat Boone’s golf cap and a sock sent in by Andy Kaufman. The highest price of the evening—$400—was for a shirt worn by Tom Selleck on Magnum, PA., and $350 came between Brooke Shields and a pair of her Calvins. The lowest price of the night was $10, for Erica Jong’s jeans (and it was Sirower’s mother who bought them). Sirower herself shelled out $20 to buy—that’s right—Robert Culp’s jeans.

Speech Impediment

Edward Kennedy was elected to his fifth term in the Senate by a 3-2 margin last month, but he’d better start correcting some serious flaws in his communications style if he wants to make it to the White House. Or so says L. Patrick Devlin, a University of Rhode Island professor of speech communications. Devlin studied hundreds of hours of speeches from Kennedy’s 1980 campaign for a 20-page article about to be published in The Quarterly Journal of Speech. His conclusions: that Kennedy lost the Democratic nomination to Jimmy Carter by (1) trying too hard in his speeches to be all things to all people, (2) making so many speeches each day that he became “fuzzy on his stances, inarticulate and nearly incomprehensible,” (3) campaigning with his wife, Joan, in the midst of what everyone knew were serious marital problems, and (4) being unable to overcome an aversion to pressing the flesh. Says Devlin, “Although he would shake hands with hundreds in an audience, he did not like to touch people and many could sense it.”


Five years after his death, fans of Bing Crosby can look forward to a new Christmas single: Der Bingle singing Little Drummer Boy with, of all people, David Bowie. The duet was recorded for a 1977 Crosby Christmas special on which Der Bowie guested. After years of legal wrangling, the record is in the stores, and Bowie says he has only one regret—that Bruce Springsteen and Bob Hope didn’t sing harmony.

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