July 05, 1982 12:00 PM

Pols in Space

Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Pat McGuire, 39, who over the years has reported UFO sightings on his ranch, issued a press release after Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. He said that “alien beings” had told him to warn the Soviet Union not to oppose Israel’s action. Democrat McGuire said the aliens “picked him up” at his ranch in the southeastern part of the state to give him the message, which included a warning that anyone who takes on Israel risks the intervention of “an extraterrestrial force.” State Democratic Party Chairman Dave Freudenthal said McGuire “is sincere in his beliefs and is entitled to them.” Gov. Ed Herschler, who is running for reelection, also sidestepped the issue, observing: “He might be closer to these things than I am, and I don’t want to argue with that.”

Fudgies Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago columnist Ann Landers ran a letter that began: “After dinner at a chic restaurant recently, my friend ordered the chocolate eclair shell with ice cream inside and hot fudge sauce on top—then asked for two more portions of sauce. I thought I would sink under the table from embarrassment.” Landers answered her correspondent, identified only as “Chagrined in Chicago”: “Your friend has heard it all before.” She didn’t mention that she recognized herself as the “friend” as soon as she read the letter. Still, Landers would like to know the letter writer’s identity. Her escort that night denies having anything to do with the missive, and Landers has ruled out the restaurant staff. “Chagrined,” who are you?

Sixteen Going on Seventeen

On a recent L.A. visit, Truman Capote houseguest-ed with Joanne Carson, one of Johnny’s exes. One night Phyllis Diller came to dinner. What could Truman and Phyllis possibly have talked about? “Robberies,” reveals Diller. It turns out Capote’s had 17, between his homes in Switzerland, California and Long Island and his apartment in New York, and Diller 16 at her homes in Vegas and Brentwood, a section of L.A. Phyllis expects to catch up someday: She’s just bought an apartment in Manhattan.

Two Clothes for Comfort

Someone asked Nell Carter if, on the NBC version of Ain’t Misbehavin’, she wore the same costumes as she did in the Broadway show, which opened in 1978. Gimme a break, laughed Nell, 32, who reports, “Some nut sent my dresses over.” Trouble is, she weighed a lot less then than her current 200 pounds. Nell obviously couldn’t fit into the costumes, but she says she did manage to use them. “For a Broadway show,” she explains, “you have to have two of everything. So they put them together.” Honest.


When actor Don Murray quit the role of Sid Fairgate on TV’s Knots Landing last summer, he found himself in a frustrating catch-22. Don left the show in part so he could take on more demanding roles. But CBS wouldn’t let him tell any producers before the new season began, because word might leak that Sid was being killed off. (Sid’s car plunged off a cliff in the season’s first episode, and for a week his life hung in the balance.) Fortunately Sid’s fate was resolved in November. The happy ending: Don’s first TV movie, Thursday’s Child, due before Christmas.


•At a press conference for L.A.’s anti-nuke rally in June, rocker Graham Nash spotted old pal Patti Davis. Hugging her, Nash joked, “You’ve a great ass for a President’s daughter.” Cracked Patti, “I had a great ass before I was a President’s daughter.”

•Larry Hagman, 50, back from a five-week vacation in Europe, has just reported to work on the Dallas set, but he doesn’t know where the plot line of the show will go because he hasn’t read the scripts that closely. “I just looked at two of them to see if my part is big,” he says, “and it is.”

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