August 03, 1981 12:00 PM

The Age of Wisdom

Victoria Principal, eight years older than her steady date Andy Gibb, who’s 23, says she’s not worried about his teenybop fans. “I reckon they’re being nice to me because in their eyes I’m an old lady,” she says. “I was the same at 16,” she smiles indulgently. “I’d look at girls of 30 who were with men I fancied, and I’d think, ‘Not to worry.’ ” Andy’s worshipers “are probably thinking, ‘Oh, he’ll get fed up with her in a couple of years; then we’ll have a chance.’ ”

No Gift, Either

Imelda Marcos of the Philippines has a passion for celebrities. Several jet-setters, most visibly Cristina Ford, are regular guests at the Manila palace. Church officials were stunned by Imelda’s fleetness in flying ahead of the Pope during his February visit to the islands so she could meet him at every stop. Not long ago she went all out in welcoming Princess Margaret. Since then the Philippines’ First Lady has “moved heaven and earth,” says a knowing source, to get invited to this week’s royal wedding. She even had her ambassador to the Court of St. James’s lay it on the British that she would be in London that very day and expected an invitation. Authorities gently (but oh so firmly) returned word that Mrs. Marcos just didn’t rate an invite.

Unkindest Cut

As some 5,000 culture vultures massed and baked in the sun at New York’s Lincoln Center to protest President Reagan’s proposed budget cuts to the arts, the day’s hottest statistic was that the National Endowment for the Arts would be slashed from $158 million to just under $90 million—or about what the President has recommended spending on the nation’s military bands and choruses. Observed Actors Equity’s singing president, Theodore (The Sound of Music) Bikel, “Every profession has its John Wilkes Booth. Reagan is ours.”

The Hype Report

If Shere Hite intends to stay the distance tub-thumping her new book, The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, she’ll have to develop a skin thicker than a nectarine’s. On a Detroit talk show, host Mark Scott asked her “if it isn’t a contradiction to call yourself a feminist when you once posed in the nude for men’s magazines.” The ruffled Hite stuck her tongue out at him (fortunately, this was radio) and stomped off, moaning that she’d been treated “with insensitivity.” Scott, for his part, said she’d acted “like an emotional delinquent.” Kids, please!

The Lady Is a Looker

Simcha Dinitz, Israel’s former ambassador to Washington and longtime confidant of Golda Meir, was surprised by the phone call from Marilyn Hall (Monty’s missus), who is associate producer of the film version of Meir’s life. It wasn’t nostalgia Marilyn was after; she wanted Dinitz to play himself in the movie. No shrinking violet, the ambassador is mulling it over, and is enticed by the idea of working with Ingrid Bergman, who plays the title role. How do they compare? “Physically,” he jests, “she’s a great improvement on Golda.”


•Deborah Kerr tells of the time she was appearing in Pittsburgh and got a letter from a woman who praised her performance, adding, “Please, could you tell me the name of your plastic surgeon? I want to have my daughter’s nose made like yours.” Kerr wrote back, “I’m so pleased you liked my performance. The name of my plastic surgeon is God.”

•Beautiful and blue-eyed he may be, but as a dad Paul Newman needs a good spanking, wife Joanne Woodward complains good-naturedly. “My husband takes pride in being a father of six children,” she says, “and having never changed a diaper.”

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