December 14, 1981 12:00 PM

Back in the Saddle

After Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin slipped in the bathtub and broke his thighbone, he was rushed to a Jerusalem hospital to have it reset with a pin. Wheeled out of surgery just before the 1 a.m. news, the 68-year-old PM asked for a radio. “I want to hear how I feel,” he told his doctor. One of the first get-well messages Begin received told him how he would feel, given a little recovery time. Ronald Reagan phoned to recount how he had once broken his thigh playing baseball, but not to worry, “Now I’m riding horses again.”

Sweet but Short

Pickles and ice cream may satisfy the pregnant palate in America, but royal cravings call for something less exotic. Or so it appeared when Diana, Princess of Wales, visited the local candy store in Tetbury (near her country estate, Highgrove) and gathered up about $5 worth of chocolates, strawberry Chewits and fudge. When the Princess dug into her purse, however, she produced a blush and little else until an alert bodyguard floated her a quick $2 loan. “It was very embarrassing,” reported a fellow shopper. “If she had asked me, I would have loaned her a pound.”

The Eisman Cometh

If, as is expected, USC tailback Marcus Allen wins this year’s Heisman Trophy, don’t be surprised if he goes over it with a fine-tooth comb. Allen is a frequent visitor at the Los Angeles home of O.J. Simpson, and he has had a lot of time to study O.J.’s 1968 Heisman. “I kept telling him to look at my trophy and tell me what’s wrong with it,” reports Simpson. “He finally figured it out. They misspelled the word ‘athletic’ They left out the ‘h.’ ”

A Better Idea

During Alfred “Alfie” Brush Ford’s recent visit to Calcutta, the Indian press reported that the scion of the auto family was planning to jettison his considerable wealth to live a pure but penniless life as a Hare Krishna cultist. Ford, 31, owns a Detroit shop which sells Far Eastern objets d’art and has several real estate investments. He joined the Krishnas in 1975 and is still “totally involved in the movement,” but while he has been helping the Krishnas purchase a Detroit temple and museum, he is not about to hand over his inheritance. Ford, who neither shaves his head nor wears saffron robes except for formal temple occasions, says his remarks were misinterpreted by the Indian newspapers. There was no mistaking his meaning, however, when a Communist newsman asked him what he thought of capitalism. Said Henry’s great-grandson, “It’s always been good to me.”

Perfect Harmony

They lived together in the ’60s before she went off to be a star in Sounder and The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Then Cicely Tyson showed up at jazz trumpeter Miles Davis’ comeback concert last spring, and they’ve been singing a love song ever since. Shortly after midnight on Thanksgiving Day, Davis, 55, and Tyson, 40ish, were married by former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young (an ordained minister) in a quiet ceremony at Bill Cosby’s house in Massachusetts. Asked if he took Tyson to be his lawfully wedded wife, the urbane Davis, who’s tied the knot four times before, simply rasped, “Yeah.” Not to be outdone, Cicely mimicked Miles’ monosyllabic mating call.

Double Date

Though their marriage license reads Dec. 4, 1942, author Garson Kanin (Moviola) and actress Ruth Gordon (Harold and Maude) celebrated their 77th and 78th wedding anniversaries last week. “We started to get married a few minutes before midnight,” explains Kanin, “and the ceremony ended the next day.”


Fitness phenom Richard Simmons describes his morning exercise show as ” ‘Queen for a Day’ meets ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘Lassie.’ I give them hope, laughter and tears. All that’s missing is the collie.”

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