September 14, 1981 12:00 PM

High Moment on the Hacienda

Nancy Reagan, who is more at home in ball gowns than in boots, can think of better ways to relax than loafing around Santa Barbara’s Rancho del Cielo, as she was obliged to do last month. While holed up with the President for his rustic vacation, one visitor from civilization was stepdaughter Maureen Reagan who, with third husband Dennis Revell, came by for a ham-and-blueberry dinner. Maureen also wanted Dad’s blessing on her Senate run, and to soften him up, she first showed a videotape of her wedding to Dennis, which Reagan had missed while convalescing from his bullet wound. She was a tad nervous, though, about the starring role her mom, Jane Wyman, plays in the tape, despite careful editing. (Second wife Nancy seldom acknowledges Jane Wyman.) But then, there’s something about a wedding. Noble Nancy proved the perfect stepmom and sat through the nuptial replay with apparent enjoyment.

New Growth

Clint Eastwood, 51, says he’ll retire from acting as soon as he looks too decrepit, but feels there’s no rush. “A while ago, there were rumors I had had a facelift. If this were one, it would be the worst one in history. If I had one now, I’d ruin all these great lines.” Clint should brace himself again: The new rumors are that he’s having a hair transplant.

Signing Off

In the by-line of their jointly authored new novel, The Last Ambassador, NBC correspondent Marvin Kalb for once gets billed below his less-published brother, fellow NBC newsman Bernard (“because the book is based on his Vietnam reporting,” says Marvin). Stopping at a bookstore to buy a gift en route to a dinner party, Marvin was nevertheless lionized by the bookstore manager, who insisted that on the eve of publication date the author looked even more handsome than he does on TV and book jackets. As the manager babbled on, Kalb hastily scribbled and handed over a check. “By the way, Mr. Kalb,” interposed the manager in mid-paean, “do you have any identification on you?”

Mom Method

That’s a tummy pillow, not a distended waistline, that Lynda Goodfriend will be sporting this fall as she plays the expecting wife of Ron Howard’s off-in-the-Army Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. Although the unwed actress, unlike Lynn (House Calls) Redgrave, has never played the waiting game herself, she jokes that she can be as convincing a mom as Redgrave and may hold out for the right to breast-feed on the air. But enough is enough. “I know Robert DeNiro put on a lot of weight for Raging Bull” she adds, in her best “Seriously, though” manner, “but getting pregnant? Well, that would be asking too much.”

The Bottom Line

Rita Moreno was nervous about her nude swimming scene in The Four Seasons, she says, just “on principle.” Longtime pal Alan Alda, who wrote and directed the flick, went out of his way to make it easy. He built an underwater “modesty platform,” she explains, so that she and co-star Jack Weston could get into the water, undress and hang their bathing suits on a peg. Being what Rita describes as a “very genuine feminist,” Alda ruled out frontal nudity and used a quick-as-a-fish bare-bottomed surface dive instead. “He was wonderful about it, really,” swoons Rita. “I’d show my tushy for him anytime.”


Julie Andrews once told singer-impressionist Marilyn Michaels, “Now that you’ve done me, I know I’ve arrived.” But Michaels’ dead-on imitation of an overinflecting, Brooklyn-accented Barbra Streisand (of which she does a bit in her Diet 7-Up commercials) was less warmly received by its subject. Reports Marilyn of their meeting: “Barbra said, ‘I don’t talk like that.’ But when she said it she was talking exactly like that.”

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