March 02, 1981 12:00 PM

Wrong Party

Veep George Bush has never publicly discussed the lust in his heart, but Dance Theater of Harlem founder Arthur Mitchell gave the impression he knew something about it when he played Washington’s Kennedy Center. Addressing the VIP crowd, he introduced President Reagan and Nancy, then “The Vice-President—and Mrs. Muskie.” While the crowd howled, Reagan leaned over to his right-hand man and whispered, “George, I told you about fooling around with other women.”

Oliver Tryst?

Surrey schoolgirl Josephine Burge, 16, is safely back in England after sharing a Barbados guest house with British star Oliver Reed, which raised a minor tempest in a teapot. A self-professed roué, the 43-year-old Reed once bragged that “I look at a woman and immediately think of bed.” But a Barbados housemate claims, “There was no hanky-panky. I know because he’d have had to go through my room to get to hers.” And Jo’s widowed mum maintains, “I’ve known Oliver for at least six months—he has often been here for dinner and he’s a perfect gentleman.” Fact is, the sole dissent comes from Reed’s son, Mark, 20: “I certainly wouldn’t let any 16-year-old daughter of mine go off on a holiday like that.”

Cash Was Czech-ed

Come October, Johnny Cash and wife June Carter plan to fly to Yugoslavia for their second tour behind the Iron Curtain. The first, through Czechoslovakia in ’78, was mostly boffo. “In one concert,” recalls Cash, “we had to sing Wabash Cannonball three times.” But, he adds, “The strangest thing happened when we got to the border. We waited and waited. Finally I asked what the problem was and was told, They want you to sing.’ ” Figuring that “We were gonna have to or not go through,” Cash and the Carter Family “lined up against the wall—as if we were going to be executed—and played.” The guards applauded, and they were free to go.

After They’ve Seen Broadway

Can Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn really go home again to plain old Plains? Back from his Virgin Islands bask, the former President has been sniffing around Atlanta, where an office is being prepared for him in a federal building. He toured a possible site for his presidential library, and rumors flew that Amy has applied to Atlanta’s Westminster School for Girls. Sources say that Carter is close to finding a buyer for his Plains peanut warehouse business, which has been valued at more than $1.45 million.


•When Today Show weatherman Willard Scott arrived in St. Paul to grand-marshal the Winter Carnival parade, the citizenry wasn’t sure he was the right guy—this one was bald. Willard had packed his rug in a suitcase that went astray. He braved the crowds—and the cold—with pate glaring. “NBC doesn’t like me to be seen without my hair,” Scott confided. “To me, it’s just a gimmick. When I worked in Washington, I used to write messages on my head and then flip up my toupee so people could read them.”

•Visiting drought-parched New York City, where you don’t get served a glass of water unless you request it, Georgia Engel finished off a fruit salad with walnuts at the Great American Health Bar, but only sipped the water she’d asked for. “I hate to waste it,” said Ted Baxter’s sheepish old flame to the waitress on departure. “Mind if I water your plants?” The waitress didn’t, so she did.

•There weren’t many chairs in that Manhattan art gallery where Ryan O’Neal bought a Magritte lithograph for Farrah Fawcett, so she sat on his lap while he shelled out the $1,200. The picture she fancied is the man with the green apple head and a derby on top.

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