July 21, 1980 12:00 PM

Rolled Over

New teen scream Christopher Atkins, 19, who’s making hearts throb in The Blue Lagoon, seems to like his women a little older than co-star Brooke Shields, 15. After meeting perennial starlet Britt Ekland, 37, at Beverly Hills’ elegant Ma Maison, bold Chris asked her to go rollerskating. Britt nixed the idea. “I’ve already educated enough young men in my time,” she said, smiling.

Night of the Chameleon

Truman Capote was dining quietly in New York when an elderly woman stopped at his table to say she admired his plays, “especially The Glass Menagerie.” Icily calm, the author responded that “Mr. Williams is in Florida. I’m Mr. Capote and I’m in New York.” When she asked what he had written he quickly urged her to buy his next book, Music for Chameleons. Later he told his companion that he couldn’t understand why people confused him with Tennessee. “I guess they know two Southern writers, Capote and Williams,” he fussed. “But we don’t write at all alike.”

Exurban Renewal

Calvin Klein’s neighbor on Fire Island just found out what the designer does with all that jeans money. The neighbor, who bought an old beach house a few months ago for $110,000, was ready to sink a tidy sum into the place. Klein offered him $250,000 for it, tore the house down, and now is putting a pool on the site.

My Son, the Car

Edsel Ford, Henry II’s son, and his wife, Cynthia, recently sent a birth announcement from Australia, where he is a company executive, heralding “our new down-sized, fuel-efficient Ford. The Henry III meets all styling objectives, and package dimensions are adequate. Only worry is fuel consumption may appear high during break-in period. However, this should settle down to comparable consumption during later years.” The message concludes: “Chief engineer and design director doing well and anticipating record sales with new model.” No mention of intervals between changes.

Previn’s Preference

Now that Mia Farrow is publicly holding hands with Woody Allen, her ex-husband André Previn has taken the wraps off his romance with British beauty Heather Jayston, ex-wife of actor Michael Jayston. Heather has a special seat at all of Andre’s concerts, and he is said to throw her a subtle little kiss during his bows. Still, marriage seems unlikely. “With nine children between us [six his, three hers], it would be difficult,” allows Heather. But they have more than children in common, she goes on. “We share a passion for Richard Strauss.”

Horse Trading

Jack Klugman, whose colt Jaklin Klugman did not win this year’s Kentucky Derby, says it’s the animal that’s keeping him on as Quincy, of which he’s a wee bit weary. When Jack tried to get out of his contract last year, an NBC executive told him the network could take away his horse. Said Klugman, “No way,” and picked up his scalpel again.


•Amidst Washington’s summer doldrums, the White House has ordered Cabinet officers to make up a list of Administration “accomplishments” to knock down charges of a do-nothing Presidency that are expected from the Reagan camp. How tough a job is it? “We’re already,” says a Treasury Assistant Secretary puckishly, “on Accomplishment Number 13.”

•On the set of All Night Long, a romantic comedy, Barbra Streisand, who’s reportedly pulling in $4 million for this movie alone, is looking not only thin and rich but also busy. She won’t sign autographs for co-workers, but sends the requests in to her maid Gracie, who rubber-stamps paper or photograph thus: “Happy Days, Barbra Streisand.”

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