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November 03, 1980 12:00 PM

Super Surprise

Barbara Eden, who will be back on the tube this season in the series version of Harper Valley PTA, picked up some cash pushing L’eggs, but she wasn’t aware of the extent to which the pantyhose saturates supermarkets with its promotion. She found out the hard way in a Chicago supermarket, and beat a hasty retreat. “I went in to buy a few things, rolled out a basket, looked down and saw this face, and got very embarrassed,” she said. “I didn’t know they were going to put my picture on shopping carts.”

Secondhand Harry

While Clint Eastwood continues his longtime friendship with actress Sondra Locke, wife Maggie Eastwood is apparently shedding no tears. A divorce could bring her a windfall, and now Maggie is playing tennis, taking long walks and just talking with a steady gent who says they have no plans beyond the next set. The gent is Dutch-born used car dealer Henry Wynberg, 45, who made Liz Taylor feel better between her marriages to Richard Burton.

Vice Squad

To push her new film, Insatiable, Marilyn Chambers, the queen of X-rated movies, signed photographs in the basement lobby of a New York porn theater, sniffling and wearing nothing but gold chains and high heels. She cooed and chatted with the queue, which included a few cops. Did that worry the staff? Not a bit, said a theater employee. “All they wanted was autographs.”

Pinter on the Hearth

Mulling things over as he nears his wedding to historian-author Lady Antonia Fraser, playwright Harold Pinter, 50, told the London Observer that the “greatest thing God ever created on earth” is the game of cricket. “Certainly greater than sex,” he went on, “although sex isn’t bad either. But everyone knows what comes first when it’s a question of cricket or sex. The fundamental fact is that cricket must be there at the center of things.” Lady Antonia, who’ll be his second wife, is warned.

Through the Hayes

Touring with Sugar Babies in Boston, Carol Channing said her pal Helen Hayes had a political message for the nation. “She’s a dyed-in-the-wool Republican,” bubbled Carol. “She’s never been anything but a Republican, and she said, ‘Carol, tell the people never to vote for an actor. We’re paid to say anything. It’s our job to be convincing. So, for heaven’s sake, tell the people never to vote for one of us.’ ”

Chip Off

Omar Sharif says his best friend is his son, Tareq, 23, who is “very attractive” but has one annoying habit. During a father-son double date not long ago, reports Omar, “I noticed he kept eyeing the girl I was with. So I made some excuse about being tired and went home.” The next morning, when Tareq showed up for breakfast, says Pop, “There he was—with both girls.”


•Craig Tennis, former booker of guests for the Tonight Show, talked about his old job while pushing his new book of reminiscences, Johnny Tonight. “You’re constantly dealing with newsmakers and celebrities,” he said. “It’s a terrific lifestyle—as long as you have a liver the size of Maine.”

•Keke Anderson, somewhat dubious about the connections between old-time religion and newfangled politics, calls the Moral Majority movement “extremely divisive.” Her husband, John, is a born-again Christian, but she seems to view even that with less than missionary zeal. “I’m Greek Orthodox,” she explains, “and I think I was born right the first time.”

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