October 06, 1980 12:00 PM

Born Free

In a move that may provide additional evidence of the new conservatism, 7-year-old Free Carradine, son of David, has changed his name to Tom, just as little lowercase amerika Hoffman, 9, son of Abbie, changed his to Alan. Free’s mom went back to Barbara Hershey after several years as Barbara Seagull, evidently no longer feeling that the soul of a bird was trapped within her.

More in a Moment

After Ann Arledge, 32, helped capture a mugger who grabbed her purse in Manhattan, an unknown comic on the crew of her husband Roone Arledge’s ABC World News Tonight came up with this suggested schedule for the first half of that night’s show:

1:40 (minutes) Ann Arledge’s reaction to the purse snatch

1:20 the arraignment

1:30 a report by Tim O’Brien on the legal implications

2:20 a report by Jim Wooten on the political implications

2:00 a report on the growth of self-defense schools

2:00 an essay by Hughes Rudd on “The New Woman”

4:00 Barbara Walters with an exclusive interview with Ann Arledge

0:10 the controversy over the presidential debates

Look at the Record

This year he’s pushing for tax cuts and a stronger military, but when JFK was in the White House Ronald Reagan Recommends was the title of an LP of “Award winning music from Hollywood.” Among the actor’s favorite movie tunes, performed as instrumentals, were Que Será, Será, Buttons and Bows and Zip a Dee Doo Dah. General Electric produced the record for a promotion since Reagan was its corporate spokesman at the time. Now the LP is a collector’s item, selling for as much as $30 in secondhand shops. If Reagan wins, the price is sure to go even higher. Whatever happens in November, this is certain: One of Reagan’s recommended tunes will be just right for the occasion. It’ll either be the High and the Mighty or Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Quarterbacks Have More Fun

At a season-starting luncheon, Washington Redskins’ owner Jack Kent Cooke admitted he was a bit confused by the unexpected blond-ness that quarterback Joe Theismann’s hair had acquired over the summer. “One day he looked like a Notre Dame quarterback,” puzzled Cooke, “and the next like Mary Pickford. I don’t know whether to give him a football or ask him to dance.”


•As happens with most people, Mick Jagger has modified his idea of what’s old. “I know I said at 32 that I’d kill myself if I was still rocking at 40,” says Mick, now 37. “But I was just a towheaded lad. Why don’t you give me another decade and we’ll see about it then?”

•Too many revivals, complained New York producer Joseph Papp, in describing the state of the theater today. What about his own Gilbert and Sullivan swashbuckler, The Pirates of Penzance, starring Linda Ronstadt opposite Rex Smith, which moves to Broadway this fall? “That was resuscitation,” Papp told the National Press Club. “Anything over 100 years old is resuscitation.”

•”I haven’t made up my mind yet,” replied veteran actress Ruth Gordon, 83 (My Bodyguard), at Wolf’s Sixth Avenue deli in Manhattan. But the question wasn’t “What’ll you have?” Some wag had just asked her if she planned to make showbiz her career.

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