September 22, 1980 12:00 PM

Art and Craft

When the citizens of Martha’s Vineyard needed money for community programs like day care, they put the Massachusetts island’s celebrity summer residents on sale. A dance with Carly Simon at her nightclub was auctioned for $240, tea for eight with Katharine (Washington Post) Graham raised $310, and a tennis lesson with Mike Wallace brought in $145. The highest price of the day, $1,060, was paid for a chance to sail with Walter Cronkite on his ketch Wyntje. “I would have bid myself,” auctioneer Art Buchwald kidded, “but I hate sailing and I don’t care much for Cronkite.”

Did the Butler Do It?

Despite her sojourn with Ryan O’Neal in Venice last week, Farrah Fawcett has been dating Michael Butler, the $10,000-a-week cinematographer of hits like Harry and Tonto and Cannonball Run (which starred FF). Is the Butler romance serious? Farrah answers cryptically, “I leave everything open.” But what about Ryan, who has been Farrah’s most frequent escort since she left hubby Lee Majors 17 months ago? Majors claimed it was Ryan who broke up their marriage, but Farrah says no. “I’m sorry Lee feels any outside influence was responsible,” she jabs.

New Releases

Garry Marshall, the creator of Mork and Mindy, Laverne (played by sister Penny) and Shirley and Happy Days, figures the actors’ strike means that all of Hollywood is spending more time at home. That leads the father of three to a demographic prediction. “If I ran the maternity wards in this area,” he warns, “I’d get ready for a baby boom in about nine months.”

Flushed with Indignation

Johnny Carson is angry. How—angry—is—he? “I am goddamn angry,” the talk-show host blasted when he decided to sue the manufacturer of a portable toilet named Here’s Johnny. “People thinking you might be involved with a toilet will make jokes about it,” Carson complained. The biggest jokester turns out to be Earl Braxton, manufacturer of the item, who could lose $10,000 or more when a Detroit judge rules on the case later this month. Here’s Johnny, Braxton says, is not his most expensive model. In fact, “You might say it’s the pits in sanitation.”

The End

Beverly Sills will give her last performance with the New York City Opera in October at a gala emceed by chum Carol Burnett. What then? Bubbles will join John Denver on an ABC special for the spring. She’ll sing a duet with Denver while riding a horse for the first time in more than 20 years. The game soprano had only one request. “If they film us riding off into the sunset,” she told Denver’s producers, “the horse’s fanny has to be bigger than mine.”


•Anna Bergman, the 30-year-old daughter of Swedish director Ingmar, says she had a fling in 1972 with tennis prodigy Bjorn Borg, then 16. “We ended up in bed,” says Anna, but the circumstances shouldn’t make Borg’s new bride, Mariana, too jealous. “He told me,” Bergman reveals, “that he was in love with my toes.”

•Phyllis George has managed to shed some—but clearly not all—of the weight she gained while pregnant with son Lincoln Brown, now 3 months. But Phyllis has a new wardrobe designed to make her look almost Miss America slim. Kids George, “My new favorite color is black.”

•Comedienne Joan admits she’s the laziest Rivers of all. “When I watch a tennis match,” she shrugs, “I never turn my head. Why should I exert myself? When the ball doesn’t come back, I know somebody missed it.”

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