By People Staff
Updated March 26, 1979 12:00 PM

Press Contacts

At one point during the tense Middle East talks, even dauntless TV journalist Barbara Walters was unable to penetrate a cordon of security guards to interview negotiators at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel. Desperate for some tidbit, she spotted Israeli Defense Minister Ezer Weizman and called out over the guards’ heads, “Ezer, I haven’t got a thing. Nobody says a thing. Please give me two minutes.” “Two minutes I’ll gladly give you,” replied Weizman, striding over to embrace his old friend, “but like this—without words.”

Mais Non

Rumors of marital trouble between Princess Caroline and Philippe Junot have been percolating since the bridegroom, discoing far from Her Highness’ side, scuffled with David Kennedy—Ethel’s son—in Manhattan last month. Denials by the palace were expected, but it is not the only source that insists the union is still intact. “Philippe has not adjusted yet to the fact that he’s married a princess,” explains a pal of his. “And I doubt if he ever will. He’s always enjoyed himself socially, and he’s going to continue to do so despite the fact that a wiser man would know that the world is now peering over his shoulder and down his companion’s décolleté” But divorce? “I’ve never really believed he and Caroline would end their days together, but talk of a divorce is premature. It wouldn’t be decent, even if they wanted one. And they don’t.”

Lone Rocker

Although he said a year and a half ago he’d never tour again, Elton John is making the European rounds as a solo act. One reason may be that semiretirement wasn’t as emotionally satisfying as he had hoped. “It’s more or less impossible for me to have a personal relationship with someone,” Elton admits. “I like being alone, and yet I crave for someone to love. It’s really a tortured existence.” Who is he with now? “I don’t have anyone at the moment.”

Good Exposure

Actress Janet Margolin, who starred as half of David and Lisa, has rationalized her way through the shock of

seeing a revealing in-the-bath picture of herself from her new film, Last Embrace, in Oui magazine. “I never gave those scenes a thought when I saw a rough cut of the film—they’re so different in the context of the movie. Well, it could be worse. It’s a good part, and if you have to take a shower in a good part that’s one thing. If you have to take a shower in a bad part, that’s something else.”

The Missing Mister P

If just-plain Cher hadn’t legally dropped the Bono, Allman etc. from her name, she and comedian Richard Pryor would certainly not be on a first-name basis—not after he (she says) fled during rehearsals for her recent TV special. His lawyer denies it: “They talked about doing a show together, but plans were never finalized.” “All I know,” Cher replies, “is that he walked out in the middle and the last I heard had taken off for Mexico, which was lousy, unprofessional behavior.” Snaps Cher of the alleged lack of Pryor restraint: “I’m real pissed off.”


•Author Gore Vidal (Kalki), hired by Paramount to write the screenplay for the best-selling West Point murder novel, Dress Gray, is apprehensive about the film’s director, although he/she has yet to be picked. “The weakest link in any movie is always the director,” sighs Gore. “They are usually so proud—and so incompetent.”

•New Washington Post publisher Donald Graham, 33, reveals the secret to managing one of the world’s most influential newspapers: “When the going gets rough, I call upstairs and say, ‘Mom, what should I do now?’ ” Mom, of course, is Post owner Katherine Graham.

•Although Sen. Howard Baker has yet to announce he’s a presidential candidate, he’s certainly been walking and talking like one. A woman sitting beside the Tennessee Republican at a recent journalists’ dinner inquired, “Senator, when will you make up your mind about running for President?” Replied Baker deadpan, “When I was 6.”