By People Staff
Updated July 31, 1978 12:00 PM

Sense and Sensibility

Maybe Rosalynn Carter could help President Jimmy get the issues in focus. During their trip to Bonn, the First Lady mentioned that she owns two pairs of contact lenses—one for reading and one for distances—and sometimes wears one of each. Why? “When I speak, I need both so I can read with one eye and look at the audience with the other.” According to a recently surfaced story, such pragmatism is nothing new. During a 1973 business trip to Germany—when Jimmy was governor of Georgia—he packed their bags and flew to the next stop while she followed by the more scenic train. Only problem was, Jimmy packed the bottom half of her pantsuit, so Rosalynn made the trip from Heidelberg to Hamburg in top and tightly buttoned raincoat.

Tall Story

So why does Lee (The Six Million Dollar Man) Majors, who hadn’t been asked to do a movie in 12 years, now have three contracts under his belt (including The Norseman, just released)? “Because of the way I’ve sold him,” claims his manager, Jay Bernstein. The last wave of actors, says Bernstein, “were all over six feet: Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Gregory Peck. Now we’re back to short actors: DeNiro, Pacino, Hoffman, Reynolds. Eastwood is the only one over six feet [by four inches], but he’s not really available because he’s doing his own pictures. So that’s how I’ve sold Lee [six even]—as the only tall actor.” Psssst—don’t tell Jon Voight (6’3″).

Rock Vittles

What goes into a 260-pound Meat Loaf? Well, the hard-rocker by that name (whose Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad is a top single) specifies in concert contracts that producers supply him and his entourage with the following repast: a four-course meal for 12 to 16, one case of Coke and Tab, two cases of imported beer, two gallons of orange juice and whole milk, one gallon of apple juice and grapefruit juice, six quarts of Perrier, two bottles of French wine, one urn of coffee, one urn of hot water, tea bags, sugar, cream, honey, fruits, nuts and cheeses and a case of warm Miller Lite. Why warm brew? Makes him perspire freely, says Meat, which he thinks is good for his frenetic stage image.

Color Wheels

Apparently bored with her souped-up Jeep, autophile Cher Bono All-man ordered up new wheels from customizer George Barris. The resulting Ferrari 308 GTS isn’t that different from others of its classy ilk, even with its flat-black trim, ebony leather interior, intricate sound system and $50,-000 sticker price—except for its sort-of-indescribable color. How indescribable? Well, Cher had to trundle by several dresses and her favorite Italian shoes so Barris could match their pearl-magenta color precisely.

Turkeys’ Rights

To convince voters his was a working vacation, Pennsylvania’s Gov. Milton Shapp had legislation brought to him while he sight-saw in Istanbul. Coincidentally, one bill that he signed into law was House Bill 470—the Turkey Call Law—which makes it illegal for a hunter to tape a gobbler and play it back to lure unsuspecting birds from the bush.


•When Chicago’s Mayor Michael Bilandic presented Sammy Davis Jr. with an appreciation award, the song-and-dance man, whose embrace of Richard Nixon was one of the historic news pictures of 1972, quipped: “Your honor, I value this plaque so much I won’t hug you.”

•Jean (Upstairs, Downstairs) Marsh is a self-professed admirer of elder actresses such as octogenarian Cathleen Nesbitt and the late Angela Baddeley. Has Marsh, a willowy 44, any qualms about growing older? “Oh, no,” she protests. “You see, my ambition is to be the oldest woman in the world, and every day brings me nearer my goal.”

•And how are the long-awaited memoirs of a certain former Secretary of State coming along? “They’ll be finished next year,” assures sometime NBC-TV news commentator Henry Kissinger. “I’ve written 700 pages and I’m about to put in a verb.”