March 04, 1991 12:00 PM

I’m not really a fashion-statement kind of guy,” said Pierce Brosnan. “I’m a whatever-the-wardrobe-department-gave-me-on-my-last-job kind of guy. It’s a good thing I don’t make many 18th-century movies.”

Especially given the fact that Brosnan had elected to spend the evening surrounded by 20th-century foxes and their friends at a tribute to Gianni Versace, the hipissimo Italian designer whose duds have draped everyone from Jane Fonda to Bruce Springsteen. The $300-per-platc (ravioli and salmon) fundraiser for AIDS Project Los Angeles drew 1,500 couture mavens to L.A.’s Century Plaza Hotel to ogle both Versace’s latest designs and such entrée-level celebs as Sylvester Stallone. Richard Gere, Mickey Rourke and Paula Abdul.

For this evening, at least, many of the women present were model girlfriends. Stallone, sharing a table with hunk-mates Dolph Lundgren. Steven Seagal and Jeff Bridges, looked on admiringly as sweetheart Jennifer Flavin sashayed before him in a Versace swimsuit.

Gere applauded steady Cindy Crawford as she walked the runway in a Versace gown. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” he said to pal and onetime costar David (An Officer and a Gentleman) Keith.

In the audience, meanwhile, comedienne Sandra Bernhard was drawing looks of her own in a grass-green dress by Isaac Mizrahi. “This dress is happening; it’s beyond hip.” she claimed. “You might say I’m a walking lawn.”

Predictably, party favors included Versace scarves and cologne. Less predictably, but a sign of the times nonetheless, guests could also pick up matchbook-size sealed packets in the restrooms marked NO GLOVE, NO LOVE. They did not contain party balloons.

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